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Cool Roasted Garlic (raw-vegan)

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Roasted garlic is one of those dishes I thought I would have to give up when I went raw. My family always serves it with our antipasto and in many other dishes. This was a real bummer to me because I always loved the flavor and texture a fresh roasted garlic. Because I refuse to give up certain foods, I got busy in the kitchen and broke out every idea I had to create a raw version of this classic. Since raw cuisine is not cooked over 110 degrees, how is one to make roasted garlic? Well, the process takes a while but the results are AMAZING! I did a multi-method way of processing to achieving this. With the combination of soaking, dehydrating, acid (vinegar) cooking and low heat cooking- I achieved the flavor and texture I was looking for. Yes, this recipe takes many hours to complete, the worst part is waiting for it to be done. You actually do not have to mess with it very much, you just have to wait–not my biggest virtue either. The wait was worth it because what I ended up with was COOL ROASTED GARLIC. I never have to go without my beloved roasted garlic again. So when you are planning Sunday’s brunch or your next party, be sure to do this recipe ahead of time, you will be happy you did!

A CHEF’S TIP: I like to do large batches of this recipe and then freeze the leftovers in a freezer container. By doing this, I have roasted garlic anytime I need it. You can also chop it up and put in a sealed jar with organic unrefined garlic oil to infuse the oil for other recipes–keep in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. Also- my dehydrator only goes up to 95 degrees, so this recipe reflects the times to process at this temperature- Your processing time might vary.


2 large organic whole garlic bulbs (be sure to pick firm bulbs without any rotted/soft cloves in it)

1 TBSP fresh fine chopped oregano leaves

3 TBSP organic unrefined olive oil

raw organic apple cider vinegar

extra organic unrefined olive oil

Lay the garlic bulbs on their sides. Use a sharp knife and cut in half through the middle at its “waist line”. In a mixing bowl, soak the halves in cold water for 3 hours, turn over every hour. In a small mixing bowl, mix the chopped oregano and 3 TBSP olive oil and set aside. Remove the garlic bulb halves from the soaking water and drain for 30 minutes. Gently slightly spread the bulbs cloves without breaking them from the base, completely dip the halves in the olive oil mix and place cut side up on your slotted dehydrator tray. Drizzle the remaining oil mix evenly over the cut side of the garlic, be sure to get in between the cloves too. Dehydrate for 3 hours and turn over. Dehydrate for another hour.Turn garlic back to cut side up and brush with cider vinegar, this starts the acid cooking. Dehydrate for another 2 hours, generously brush cut tops with vinegar every 30 minutes. Remove from the dehydrator, brush heavily all sides with vinegar and place in a biodegradable plastic bag, remove air and seal. Return this bag to the dehydrator and continue to low heat cook for another 15 to 20 hours until soft, turn over every 2 hours to ensure even processing. Remove from the bag, transfer to your serving dish, brush cut tops generously with olive oil and serve.

NOTE:If you are doing this a couple of days before service, do not brush with extra olive oil, keep roasted garlic in the bag and refrigerate up to 3 days. 3 hours before you serve this, set the bag out at room temperature then brush cut tops generously with extra oil, plate and enjoy.

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