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Window Herb Garden



     Growing herbs indoors allows you to have fresh organic herbs and small fruiting vegetables like jalapenos or hot banana peppers anytime during the year. I grow fresh organic herbs and chiles right in my window sill year round. I live in an area where we get snow about 6 months out of the year and the critters outside love to munch on all of my plants the other 6 months.  So I developed not only a great little garden in my window but it is a great center piece for my table too. Each herb that I have has a different shape and color of pot. I incorporated my wooden rooster, because he has been on my table the past 5 years or so and he is pretty handsome. Grouping the pots together in a cluster and adding smaller non-plant elements like the brass bud vase adds interest and layers. Some of the pots do not fit on the window sill; so I moved my dining room table up against the window and placed the front pots on the table on top of natural bamboo place mats from Bali. The combination of green from the plants, different shades of pots and the natural materials underneath stack nicely to create a soothing environment that looks rustic, natural and it is EDIBLE.

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