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O is for ORGANIC

O is for ORGANIC      I have had the discussion many times with people about the “O” word…ORGANIC that is. A lot of people don’t know truly what organic is or means. Some people think it is just a marketing ploy, useless hype or the food is not safe to eat (yes I have heard […]

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Recycled Jars

RECYCLED JARS       Part of a rustic home and lifestyle is using items that are recycled. One of my favorite things to do is to save the jars that I have bought and I then fill them with a variety of homemade items of my own. These jars come from many sources from spices, jam, […]

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Strawberry Flame Freezer Jam (vegan)

STRAWBERRY FLAME FREEZER JAM A traditional strawberry jam you can eat right out of the jar!     1 Lbs. Organic Strawberries– de-stem, wash, fine mash with a potato masher- approx. 1.5 cups     1/2 cup Organic Red Flame Seedless Grapes– wash and small dice     4 cups Organic Granulated Sugar     1 box (1.75oz) 100% […]

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