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Redhead Citrus Slaw (raw-vegan)

REDHEAD CITRUS SLAW (raw-vegan) Two vegetables that I think get a bad rap are cabbage and fennel. I love these two guys very much, anyway I can get them. It might be the European roots that I carry that makes me love them, I am not sure. If you take a survey, not many people […]

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Sprouted Quinoa Veggie Sushi (raw-vegan)

SPROUTED QUINOA VEGGIE SUSHI (raw-vegan) One of my favorite vegan dishes to make is veggie sushi. I think that sushi gives us the opportunity to be creative with colors, flavors and textures. The only challenge I have had is that most sushi is created with cooked sushi rice, which is not on the menu of […]

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Cucumber Mint French Press Water

CUCUMBER MINT FRENCH PRESS WATER We all know that we need to drink more water during the day. Depending on the weather, sometimes that is not my favorite thing to drink. Flavored water can not only be tasty and healthy but it can keep drinking water fun (because plain water sometimes is boring). I like […]

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Guacamole tazas de Tomate (raw-vegan)

GUACAMOLE TAZAS DE TOMATE (raw-vegan) Just when you though there were no other ways to make or serve guacamole, you came across this fun and simple recipe. Avocados are one of natures complete super foods, so why not add a few more to your diet. They are full of good fats, nutrients and vitamins that […]

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Creamy Cantaloupe Smoothie (raw-vegan)

CREAMY CANTALOUPE SMOOTHIE (raw-vegan) As the weather gets warmer, I am seeing some pretty tasty fruits available. Although I can get cantaloupe pretty much year round here, I can always tell when it is truly in season. The succulent flesh of the cantaloupe is not only beautiful to look at but the taste in divine!  […]

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