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live eat learn RAW book is NOW AVAILABLE!!

live eat learn RAW E-BOOK NOW AVAILABLE!! YES, my new book is now available for you to purchase! Click on the picture to go to the purchasing page and to be the first of your friends to get this book… CHEERS to our HEALTH!! here are some details: an avent garde and new spin to […]

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EAT YOUR Peas n Carrots Soup (vegan)

EAT YOUR PEAS N CARROTS SOUP (vegan) As the weather cools off, warm food like soup always comes to mind. I believe that nothing warms us up better than soup! Soup can be a great opportunity not only to warm us up, but to creatively get our veggies in each day. There are no rules […]

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Chinese Mung Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce (raw-vegan)

CHINESE MUNG SALAD WITH SPICY PEANUT SAUCE (raw-vegan) I feel very fortunate to have been raised in America because of the variety of Ethnic foods that I have been exposed to. Being from California, I have had the opportunity to try just about every style of cuisine out there; it is a true melting pot […]

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Rainbow Heirloom Tomato Stacks (raw-vegan)

RAINBOW HEIRLOOM TOMATO STACKS (raw-vegan) As Summer comes to an end, most of us still have the last of the garden veggies ready to eat. Heirloom tomatoes are on that list. I love the colors and different shapes that they produce; not to mention the amazing flavor too. Don’t get me wrong, autumn is one […]

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Blueberry Sweet Tea (raw-vegan)

BLUEBERRY SWEET TEA (raw-vegan) Besides the abundant sunshine and warm weather that we get in the summer, I love the variety of fruits available. One of the fruits summer has to offer is blueberries….OH HOW I LOVE YOU SO! As you all know, fruit is a very large part of my diet; so it is […]

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