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Pan Granola (gluten free)

PAN GRANOLA (gluten Free) Granola is one of those dishes that is an opportunity to not only make it healthy but to get creative with flavors too. As we all know, store bought granola can be expensive and these days who knows what is in it. It is funny that something that has always been […]

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Sesame Honey Almonds (raw paleo)

SESAME HONEY ALMONDS (raw paleo) Well it is a NEW YEAR to start working on a NEW YOU! How many times have we heard this statement? How many times have we adopted that way of thinking? Well it is a new year and I think it is time for some new recipes. If you are […]

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Double Lemon Bar Sorbet Tart (raw paleo)

DOUBLE LEMON BAR SORBET TART (raw paleo) One of my favorite winter fruits is LEMONS!! Not only do I love the taste of lemons, I love that it is one of those ingredients that can be used in either sweet or savory dishes. Most of the time I like the savory side of life. Sometimes […]

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Aunty P’s Kale Salad (raw-vegan-paleo)

AUNTY P’S KALE SALAD (raw-vegan-paleo) One of most misunderstood veggies, I feel, is kale. I know a lot of people that claim they don’t like it and some won’t even try it. I would say “good, more for me” but I feel they are missing out. Kale is one of the “powerhouse” vegetables that we […]

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