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Easy Rich Veggie Stock (vegan paleo)

EASY RICH VEGGIE STOCK (vegan paleo) If one statement weren’t truer is that  “HOMEMADE TASTES BEST!” I love making recipes from scratch, including a lot of my pantry items and kitchen staples. One kitchen staple that can be easily made is homemade stock. Most people do not realize how easy it is. In short, you […]

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Banana Bon Bons (raw vegan paleo)

BANANA BON BONS (raw vegan paleo) Raise your hand if you remember BON BONS? Yes, the little chunks of ice cream covered in chocolate that you just popped in your mouth. There was just something about them that made you feel like royalty when you indulged in them. In fact most of us think that […]

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Quick Veggie Stir Fry (vegan paleo)

QUICK VEGGIE STIR FRY (vegan paleo) One of my favorite things about stir-fry is that it is an opportunity to get REALLY healthy and creative all in one dish. I have found that ‘almost’ no matter what you put into a stir fry you can not go wrong. Many years before I moved to strictly […]

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PRESS RELEASE: jarOhoney is featured in NATURAL SOLUTIONS again

YEP, jarOhoney has been featured again in NATURAL SOLUTIONS MAGAZINE. This time my HERB ROLLED THREE NUT CHEESE is in the March 2014 issue (which is on shelves now) AS IT’S OWN ARTICLE— WOOT WOOT!! Here are the snap shots of the actual magazine I have :)

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