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Antipasto Bites (raw-vegan)

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Antipasto is one of my families favorite dishes. I think we would rather have appetizers than actually sit and eat a full blown meal. I sometimes miss the traditional antipasto, but it definitely does NOT fit into my current lifestyle of RAW and VEGAN. My ANTIPASTO BITES DO though! They have the traditional marinated flavor and cheese texture that “traditional” brings but without the saturated fat, dairy and other stuff I don’t want. I am glad I came up with this fun and “NEW TRADITION” recipe…


16 small fresh organic crimini mushrooms

10 fresh organic garlic cloves

4 TBSP raw organic coconut aminos

1/2 cup raw cashew cheese(click for recipe)

16 room temperature raw/vegan marinated red pepper strips(click here for recipe)

8 large fresh organic basil leaves

Wash and de-stem your mushrooms, reserve the stems. Using a melon-baller, gently scoop out a dish inside the mushroom where the stem was to make a “dish”, reserve this mushroom flesh. Be careful to not cut out too much as to pierce the outside layer– these are now your mushroom cups. Dip (completely submerge) the mushroom cups in the coconut aminos and place on a flat work surface with the “cup” facing up, reserve the remaining coconut aminos . In your food processor, fine chop the reserved mushroom stems and flesh with the garlic cloves. Place in a mixing bowl and mix with the remaining coconut aminos, this is now your mushroom mix. Allow the mushroom cups and the mushroom mix to rest for 3 hours uncovered at room temperature. Mix the mushroom mix with the cashew cheese and blend well. Fill the mushroom cups slightly over the rim. Place in your dehydrator and dehydrate for 1 hour. Remove the filled cups from your dehydrator, put on a plate, cover well and allow to rest for 12 ours at room temperature. Gently wrap the outside of the filled mushroom cup with 1 strip of marinated red pepper and secure with a toothpick. Now chiffonade your basil leaves [stack leaves on each other, roll tightly lengthwise and thin slice the roll width-wise to make thin ribbons as shown above.] and evenly garnish all pieces. ENJOY NOW!

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