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Aspens Are Changing

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Yes, this is my favorite time of year! I love the colors and the crispness of the air that Autumn brings us. I am very fortunate to live in an area that has both of these attributes. Every year since I was much younger, I have traveled to the mountains in the fall to witness the leaves changing, mainly the Aspens. Up until earlier this year, I have lived in the Bay Area and there we had two seasons, dry or wet. In most other place, they have four seasons, Autumn being the most colorful.

As a kid, I traveled the United States throughout the summer and fall seeing many leaves change, but my favorite has always been the Aspens changing. In early fall, the Aspens turn a deep golden color as we are seeing now. Later in the year, if you are lucky enough like I am now, we get to witness the brief turning to red before the silvering happens as the winter approaches. All around my cabin and along the long roads throughout the mountains, I am finally getting to see the change happening from day to day. It has always been a hit-and-miss event in the years past. Every year about the first week of September, I start watching the weather reports to try to calculate the season’s change. As it gets colder, the leaves start to change, this is when I started to plan my trip up here to Lake Tahoe. On average, I would come up during the right time to get a weekend glimpse of the leaves changing. A couple of times, I have either completely missed it and the trees were bare or it was too soon and the trees were still green. Good thing I love this area so it was still a nice getaway from the city life. Now that I am a permanent resident here in Lake Tahoe, everyday on my walk with the dog, I can see the daily change of my beloved Aspens. I thank my better half for giving me this beautiful place I now call home..

Stay tuned, I will be posting more photos of the changing of the Aspens are we get further into the season.

here is another pic as of 10/16/12

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