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Aunty P’s Kale Salad (raw-vegan-paleo)

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AUNTY P’S KALE SALAD (raw-vegan-paleo)

One of most misunderstood veggies, I feel, is kale. I know a lot of people that claim they don’t like it and some won’t even try it. I would say “good, more for me” but I feel they are missing out. Kale is one of the “powerhouse” vegetables that we could all benefit from. When eaten raw, kale is full of vitamin A, vitamin K, beta carotene, vitamin C, calcium and is high in water content and fiber. There are many varieties of kale that have a whole range of flavors. They range from peppery and slightly bitter to spicy and delicate (my favorite is “dino” or dinosaur kale which is somewhere in between).  Kale is also very versatile; you can juice it, mix it into salads, wilt it or use it as your main base in salad like in AUNTY P’s KALE SALAD. This recipe is from my good friend Patricia (all the kids at her church call her Aunty P) in Hawaii. “I LOVE me some kale salad!”, as she says. She is always talking about how she brings it to events or potlucks and seems to always be munching on it when I talk with her. She even grows her own organic kale in her garden. I have heard about this salad for a long time and finally got to try it last fall when she came to the main land. I have to say that it is VERY tasty and have been eating it ever since. I have been meaning to write about this salad for quite sometime now; I started a 30 day cleanse and it seemed appropriate to include it in my arsenal of healthy raw recipes I wanted to share with you. So even if you are unfamiliar with kale or have tried it and was not fond of it, give this recipe a try before you make your final judgement on kale.

A CHEF’S TIP: because I am on a paleo cleanse, I omitted the olive oil, pink salt and pepper from my salad (still is quite tasty without those ingredients). Also, always use RIPE avocados in this recipe for the best flavor and texture.


2 bunches organic kale (I used dino kale), any variety

1 large organic lemon, peel and reserve the zest for another recipe

1 large RIPE organic avocado, peel and pit

2 TBSP grated organic mature ginger root, unpeeled


2 TBSP organic cold pressed olive oil

fresh cracked pink salt and pepper to taste

Wash, trim off the ends and small chop the kale (including the rib) and place in a large mixing bowl. Juice the lemon over the kale. Now add the grated ginger and avocado (and olive oil if you are using it). Use your hands to massage and mash this into the kale leaves. Work this until the total amount is 1/2 of the original amount in your bowl. Salt and pepper to taste if so desired. Allow the salad to rest for 15 minutes, serve and ENJOY!!

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