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Berry Cheese Cake Tarts (raw-vegan)

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Well, Well, Well… look what we have here… a CHEESE CAKE TART that is 100% HEALTHY! Yes take a second look…HEALTHY! As you all know, I am not a “sweets” person, but there is just something about CHEESE CAKE that makes my taste buds sing. Since I have been on a strict RAW VEGAN yearly kick-start, I have found that is very difficult to find 100% raw vegan recipes. So on that note, I have been developing my own recipes to make sure that I am sticking to my program. Don’t get me wrong, developing recipes is my favorite pastime, besides I love eating my research and development :) This recipe is 100% RAW, VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE– so once again, a recipe that is 100% GUILT FREE while keeps you on track. I guarantee even if you aren’t fully raw or vegan, you will enjoy these cute little bites (even the “meat and potatoes” loving other half of mine LOVES these!) ENJOY OFTEN!


1 cup whole raw organic hazelnuts (buy whole nuts for the best quality of nut)

1 TBSP fresh fine diced organic mandarin peel

water for soaking

2 TBSP organic quinoa

1/4 cup water

1 tsp fresh micro-planed cinnamon stick

1/2 tsp fresh micro-planed whole nutmeg

1 TBSP whole organic chia seeds

4 TBSP water

1 cup whole fresh organic blueberries

1 cup whole fresh organic blackberries

1 TBSP raw organic agave syrup (or raw honey if you eat honey)

1 cup room temperature raw cashew cheese(click here for the recipe)

20 mini paper baking cups (small size for a peanut butter cup/1.25″ diameter paper cups)

24 mini cupcake pan (just for ease of filling baking cups)

In a large mixing bowl, soak your hazelnuts and mandarin peel in plenty of clean cool water for 14 hours. In a separate small bowl mix your quinoa and 1/4 cup water, soak 14 hours. Drain the hazelnut/peel well. Drain your quinoa well. In your food processor fine pulse your hazelnuts and peel to a fine meal. Add your quinoa, cinnamon, nutmeg and quick pulse to blend well, transfer to a mixing bowl and stir well. In your spice grinder (I use an old coffee grinder), grind your chia seeds to a fine powder. In a small bowl mix the chia powder with the 4 TBSP of water–1 TBSP at a time. Be sure to mix the chia powder well in the water to form a gel, continue until all 4 TBSP of water are used. Mix this jelly in with your hazelnut spice mix and stir until it makes a “raw pie crust” like texture and sticks together when pressed together–this is your crust mixture. Line your mini cupcake pan with the baking cups. Spoon in about 2 tsp of the crust mixture in each and gently press evenly to the top of the baking cups (will be about 1/4 inch thick), just like you do with a pie tin etc. Remove crust lined baking cups gently and put them in your dehydrator for about 5 hours or until evenly crisp–these are now your crusted cups.

In your food processor, puree 1/2 cup blueberries and 1/2 cup blackberries until smooth, stir in the agave syrup-this is now your fruit sauce. Add the fruit sauce to the cashew cheese and blend well until smooth-this is now your filling. Spoon in the filling to over-fill the crusted cups. Garnish with remaining fresh fruit. Place on a plate and cover well, refrigerate 3 hours before enjoying. BON APPETITE!

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