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Blueberry Sweet Tea (raw-vegan)

blueberry sweet tea raw vegan


Besides the abundant sunshine and warm weather that we get in the summer, I love the variety of fruits available. One of the fruits summer has to offer is blueberries….OH HOW I LOVE YOU SO! As you all know, fruit is a very large part of my diet; so it is natural for me to make tasty recipes using fruit. Not only do I make fruit salads and smoothies with fruit, I also flavor water and tea with it too. Some of you might be thinking, “how do you make tea on a RAW diet?” It is actually quite simple, I cold brew my teas. Cold brewing is a method that adheres to my raw lifestyle yet it is bursting with flavor like traditionally made tea. I just get my half-gallon glass jar, add my organic tea bags (6 tea bags for green tea or 4 bags for black tea), fill with 100 degree water and allow this to steep overnight. If I am making a fruit flavored tea, after it is cold brewed I add the flavoring to it. See, pretty simple. I even make different flavors at the same time so my family can have a variety of teas to choose from. This also prompts everyone to grab a glass of fresh tea instead of soda. Sweet tea is has been a staple of summer beverages for generations and all across America, but why not take it a next step further and make it healthy?  Traditional sweet tea is just brewed tea, tons of sugar and sometimes lemon juice; but I feel we can make a better choice here. I like to use fresh RIPE organic fruit with just a touch of raw agave syrup in my cold brewed organic tea.The fruit has natural sweetness and vitamins, the agave syrup adds a touch of more sweetness and smoothness to it, and the organic cold brewed tea has retained all of its antioxidant properties. Although I have many combinations of sweet tea (and unsweetened tea), I want to give you my recipe for BLUEBERRY SWEET TEA. Just think, the flavor of fresh ripe blueberries with a touch of sweetness all in a refreshing drink that will cool you off and give you some extra health benefits this summer…. CHEERS to our HEALTH!!


1/2 gallon glass jar with fitting lid

6 organic green tea bags

6 cups 100 degree water (use a calibrated thermometer to be sure)

1 cup ripe organic blueberries, wash well and de-stem

1 1/2 cup cold water

1/4 cup raw organic agave syrup

Rinse your glass jar with hot water. Add the tea bags and 100 degree water. Cover and allow to steep for 12 hours, remove and compost the tea bags. In your blender, blend the blueberries and 1/2 cold water on high for 1 minute. Add the remaining 1 cup of cold water into the blender and blend on high until smooth. Now add the agave syrup and blend on high for 1 minute. Pour this blueberry mixture into the cold brewed tea and mix well. Refrigerate 3 hours. When you are ready to serve it just fill a tall glass with ice, shake the tea well, pour over the ice and ENJOY!!

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