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Cashew Paste(raw-vegan)

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My cashew paste is one of the recipes that can be used across the board for many different dishes. It can be used in all VEGAN and RAW dishes, or it can be used in any pasta sauce, soup or meat dishes. Cashews are a staple in many different cuisines from Thai to Indian and is an important part of vegan and raw recipes. Raw cashews are full of nutrients and high in oil content thus making them a great ingredient for a variety of dishes. When you process cashews into paste, the uses are endless. Be sure to choose only ORGANIC, RAW and WHOLE cashews. The ORGANIC- is to be sure you do not have unwanted chemicals and pesticides in it; RAW- because you want ALL the live enzymes and nutrients that a cashew offers; WHOLE- processors can only sell perfect unblemished nuts as whole, so these are the best of the crop. I also buy all my nuts from health food store because I know that the stock has been rotated more often and they should be the freshest. To preserve your raw nuts, be sure to refrigerate them in a sealed container so they do not spoil quickly.

I use cashew paste in many different ways:

  • to thicken broth based soups instead of roux (butter and flour)
  • as the “CREAMY” base in my SIMPLY CREAMY PESTO SAUCE (raw)
  • as the nut butter in “peanut sauce” for Thai noodles
  • as a base for raw tahini nut butter
  • anywhere else nut butter or a thickener is called for in a recipe (be sure to experiment)

Now that you know where and how to basically use cashew paste, here is how to make it…



1 cup raw organic whole cashews

1/2 cup water

Fine chop your cashews as fine as you can in your food processor. Add water and blend until smooth. Use in recipes or refrigerate up to 1 week tightly covered, stir well before using.

NOTE: I do not soak my cashews before making it into paste because I feel that soaking them makes them too water logged and taste diluted.

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