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Paleo Goose Miso Soup (paleo)

PALEO GOOSE MISO SOUP (PALEO) – When comes to stock or broth, the grand-daddy of them all is CONSOMMÉ! Yes consommé is technically a type of clear soup that is made from a clarified richly flavor stock or bouillon. The process is done by using a variety of “CLARIFIERS” to remove the impurities, fat and sediment […]

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iced coffee coco-nug by

Iced Coffee Coco-Nug (vegan)

ICED COFFEE COCO-NUG (vegan) OH YEAH! the weather is getting hotter and party season has started. So naturally one of everyones favorite iced drinks is iced coffee! Iced coffee is refreshing and can give a jolt to all of us, especially on a hot day. I have had many iced coffee drinks in the past […]

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Layered Fruit Surprise Smoothie (raw-vegan)

LAYERED FRUIT SURPRISE SMOOTHIE (raw-vegan) Check this BEAUTY out! No it is not an optical illusion, this smoothie IS LAYERED. Smoothies are one of my favorite things to make but sometimes I want to give it a kick. I like to serve smoothies at brunch and this LAYERED FRUIT SURPRISE SMOOTHIE is a definite hit! […]

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Blueberry Sweet Tea (raw-vegan)

BLUEBERRY SWEET TEA (raw-vegan) Besides the abundant sunshine and warm weather that we get in the summer, I love the variety of fruits available. One of the fruits summer has to offer is blueberries….OH HOW I LOVE YOU SO! As you all know, fruit is a very large part of my diet; so it is […]

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Cucumber Mint French Press Water

CUCUMBER MINT FRENCH PRESS WATER We all know that we need to drink more water during the day. Depending on the weather, sometimes that is not my favorite thing to drink. Flavored water can not only be tasty and healthy but it can keep drinking water fun (because plain water sometimes is boring). I like […]

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Creamy Cantaloupe Smoothie (raw-vegan)

CREAMY CANTALOUPE SMOOTHIE (raw-vegan) As the weather gets warmer, I am seeing some pretty tasty fruits available. Although I can get cantaloupe pretty much year round here, I can always tell when it is truly in season. The succulent flesh of the cantaloupe is not only beautiful to look at but the taste in divine!  […]

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Pineapple Cream Smoothie (raw-vegan)

PINEAPPLE CREAM SMOOTHIE (raw-vegan) Lately I have found really good ripe pineapple at the market. Every time I see one of these golden beauties I buy it; who doesn’t like fresh ripe pineapple? I have found that everyone does, it is especially a hit at brunch! Beware though, all pineapples at the market are NOT […]

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Fizzing Strawberry Lemonade Cubes (raw-vegan)

FIZZING STRAWBERRY LEMONADE CUBES (raw-vegan) As you all know, strawberries are my favorite fruit. I take that back— RIPE strawberries are my favorite fruit. I think I am spoiled because I live in a state that grows them, so only ripe will do! The other day I found some beautiful ripe organic strawberries at the […]

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Whiskey Cherries

WHISKEY CHERRIES Flavoring alcohol and rummied (drunk on alcohol) fruit not only makes a great gift but it warms the soul when it is cold outside. The process is pretty simple and fool proof yet the flavors can be complex and a crowd pleaser. Every year at the holidays (and sometimes other times) I like […]

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