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nourishing your body from the outside in with RAW ingredients

Honey Sugar Face Scrub (raw beauty secret)

HONEY SUGAR FACE SCRUB (raw beauty secret) All my life I have had naturally dry sensitive skin. Even though I have a very healthy diet, my skin has always lacked moisture. I do drink plenty of water so that is not the problem, it is just in my genes. If you are also on this […]

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Coconut Oil Moisturizer (raw beauty secret)

COCONUT OIL MOISTURIZER (raw beauty secret) Especially during the winter, I find that my skin and hair is extremely dry. To top off living in a dry climate, the heater and layers of clothing and hats just perpetuate the problem. I am on a RAW and VEGAN diet so I want to use products on […]

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Lavender Salt Foot Scrub (raw beauty secret)

LAVENDER SALT FOOT SCRUB (raw beauty secret) One of the body parts I feel that is neglected is our feet, especially during the winter time. It might be due to the fact that they are covered with wool socks and snow boots most of the time. If they are not in boots, they are in […]

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