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Balsamic Basil Watermelon Antipasto (vegan primal)

BALSAMIC BASIL WATERMELON ANTIPASTO (vegan primal) Balsamic Basil Watermelon… Yep that just about says it! Well actually I think the picture says it. We are all looking for simple yet healthy dishes to eat (and serve) and this antipasto fits the bill. Now that the abundance of fresh fruit is back because of the warmer […]

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Pink Oyster Mushroom Rolls (raw-vegan-paleo)

PINK OYSTER MUSHROOM ROLLS (raw-vegan-paleo) As noted in my previous posts about SUSHI, I believe that sushi can be an opportunity for everyone to get creative. Yes- most people believe that sushi consists of raw fish and rice…nope- I beg to differ! Sushi should be looked at as “cut up ingredients all wrapped up in […]

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Twice Baked Golden Potatoes (vegan)

TWICE BAKED GOLDEN POTATOES (vegan) With summer on its way, I find that party season has started. OK, everyday potentially can be a party but with the weather warming up, we tend to get together more often. Ah the barbeque’s, the graduation parties, the “its a nice day ” parties…. YEP, we always can find […]

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iced coffee coco-nug by

Iced Coffee Coco-Nug (vegan)

ICED COFFEE COCO-NUG (vegan) OH YEAH! the weather is getting hotter and party season has started. So naturally one of everyones favorite iced drinks is iced coffee! Iced coffee is refreshing and can give a jolt to all of us, especially on a hot day. I have had many iced coffee drinks in the past […]

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Get ready for BIKINI SEASON recipe collection

GET READY FOR BIKINI SEASON RECIPE COLLECTION Hate to break the news but the first weekend of summer starts in 30 days (memorial day already?)…Are you ready for BIKINI SEASON? Well most of us, definitely including myself, are NOT!! NO worries because this is exactly what this post is about… getting ready for bikini season. […]

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Shaved Watermelon Salad (raw-vegan)

SHAVED WATERMELON SALAD (raw-vegan) When I think of summer, I think of melon. Yes I have access to melons most of the year, but in the summer they are in season, hence full of flavor and vibrant. One melon everybody can agree on that is a summer favorite is the beloved watermelon. Watermelon is not […]

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Dragon Fruit Orange Sunflower Stacks (raw-vegan)

DRAGON FRUIT ORANGE SUNFLOWER STACKS (raw-vegan) In the past couple of weeks, I have been experimenting with new fruits and veggies. I love summertime because of the abundant produce that I have access to. When I say “experiment” I not only mean new recipes but actually trying new fruits and veggies for the first time. […]

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Simple Melon Ball Salad (raw-vegan)

SIMPLE MELON BALL SALAD (raw-vegan) With Summer in full swing now, I find that the warmer weather prompts me to eat a lot of fruit. There is nothing like eating chilled fruit in salads and smoothies. Fruit to me is very refreshing and with the abundance of fruit available this time of year, I am […]

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