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Ideas and recipes that get us through the winter

Spiced Green Chai Latte (raw-vegan)

SPICED GREEN CHAI LATTE (raw-vegan) The winter here in the Sierra’s has been cold lately. The nights dip down to 0 and the days have only gotten up to about 35, BURR!! When one is on a RAW diet, we don’t eat anything that has been heated over 110 degrees, so we do not kill […]

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Peppermint Bark Stir Sticks

PEPPERMINT BARK STIRSTICKS You asked for it, you’ve got it—-for all my friends with SWEET TOOTH’S, here is my recipe for PEPPERMINT BARK STIR STICKS… YES, stick them in your hot chocolate and give it a few to completely melt. Here is to your HOLIDAY! MAKES 10 STIR STICKS 2 old fashioned natural candy canes, […]

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Clementine Cranberry Macaroons(raw-vegan)

CLEMENTINE CRANBERRY MACAROONS (raw-vegan) These tasty treats are different than your standard macaroons. Yes, they are sweet, contain almonds and coconut but with a healthy twist. These are gluten free (no wheat), vegan(no animal products), raw (dehydrated not baked) and are actually good for you (so guilt free). I always make them this time of […]

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Carmelized Onion Sweet Potatoes (vegan)

CARMELIZED ONION SWEET POTATOES Sweet potatoes are one of those vegetables I think gets a bad name. For some reason, just the word makes people run screaming. It probably has to do with the fact that a lot of people do not know how to cook them properly, so they lack flavor. I think they […]

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Orange Pomander

ORANGE POMANDER As part of my families traditional Christmas, we still use the basic same ornaments that generations before have used. One of these ornaments is the ORANGE POMANDER. During the Renaissance, pomanders were small silver or gold balls that had spices and fragrances in them to ward off infection and body odor. As we […]

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Pinecone Star

PINECONE STAR Winter time is here and pinecones are not only in abundance but seem to be a favorite for decorations during the Christmas season. Since I have several pine trees on my property that produce pinecones, it is only natural for me to use them to decorate my cabin. The pinecone stars that I […]

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Loaded Cranberries (vegan)

LOADED CRANBERRIES The recipe is a rustic twist on the standard plain old cranberries that tend to be served at our holiday meals. It is bursting with fruit, slightly tangy and just sweet enough. Now that cranberries are back in season, be sure to pick your cranberries that are bright red, firm and of course […]

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First Winter Snow 2012

FIRST WINTER SNOW 2012 As the rest of the country is in prime autumn, we here in the sierras are witnessing our first winter snowfall today. The past couple of days have been busy covering up patio furniture, stacking wood we just got, moving plants inside and putting away all the little decor around the […]

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Fire Kindling Bag

FIRE KINDLING BAG      As the days get colder and the nights drop below freezing, my fireplace is in full swing now. Yes, I do have a central heating system but it is only set at 50 for the nights if the fireplace isn’t doing it’s job or dies out before I can replenish logs […]

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