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Christmas Tree Flocking

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Flocking on a Christmas tree can add a new dimension to your tree. I think flocked trees are beautiful when they are done right. I like to use traditional flocking, which is no more than soap flakes and water. Using traditional soap flocking will ensure that you are not bringing unwanted chemicals into your home. Yes, your children and pets are safe to be around it (it just tastes really bad).

Flocking your tree is very simple to do and you don’t have to be creative to make it look good. I always think and picture “SNOW KISSED” when I flock my tree. This means just enough flocking to resemble the first light snow. Also think of how does snow fall naturally– answer: from the top going down, so on top of your branches and needles is where you will be putting the flocking. I also like to put a little on the trunk (if exposed) it gives it a more realistic look. Now with these ideas in mind grab the following items, head to your tree and lets get flocking.

Things you will need: this amount will do about 6 square feet of your tree (multiply accordingly) ONLY do in single batches because it dries quickly

large bowl

1.5 cups of soap flakes ( I have always used natural soap flakes)

1/2 cup water

news paper

plastic wrap

While your BARE (not even lights) tree is in its stand, cover the water dish of the stand with plastic wrap to prevent the soap from getting into the water dish. Spread newspaper around the tree to catch any falling snow. In your large bowl mix a single batch of soap flakes and water until wet (consistency of chunky peanut butter), it will turn warm. Scoop up small amounts with your fingertips and gently place on the tops (upside) of branches and needles to make it look like light snow. Try to work semi-quickly because it only takes about 10 minutes to dry. Remember you can always add more, so I recommend applying snow lightly-step back and look-continue flocking if applicable. Once the first batch is done, if you need more be sure to rinse out your bowl in between batches. Allow the flocking to completely dry for 1 hour before decorating the rest of the tree. I leave the newspaper down until I am completely done decorating for ease of clean up. After you are done decorating, gently fold up newspaper and discard, then vacuum the rest of flakes if applicable. Enjoy your new tradition.WARNING: this flocking does not make your Christmas tree fire proof, as always take proper care of your live tree to prevent fires.

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