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Clean Green Juice (raw-vegan)

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After the first of the year, I went on a STRICT raw vegan diet. I have been on a mostly vegan diet for awhile now but wanted to give myself a swift kick in the behind, or as some say, a “kick-start”. As part of this “kick-start”, every morning I make myself a large green juice. I normally don’t like to take out the pulp in anything but after doing heavy research on the benefits of juicing; I complied with the facts. When we juice fresh whole veggies and fruit, we just take out the fiber and are left with the nutrients and water present in them. When we drink this juice, it delivers a powerful punch of vitamins and minerals that are present in the veggies and fruit in one concentrated drink. By removing the pulp and fiber, we quickly consume and absorb just the things we are seeking in the ingredients; without having to break it down in our bodies through digestion. This makes sense to me for a quick boost of nutrients in the morning. I also save the pulp and use it throughout the day in my smoothies that I drink. I just put the pulp in a large covered bowl and place it in the fridge for a later time. With the amount of pulp that comes from a single serving of juice: I can see how my body would have to work hard to get through all of that fiber to extract the nutrients. There are many recipes for green juice out there, I have tried quite a few. So after trying many others, I came up with my favorite combination here in my recipe for CLEAN GREEN JUICE. Not only am I getting all of the nutrients from the items, I am benefiting from the medicinal properties of them also. The lemons and limes are great immune boosters. With the blood purifying and anti-inflammatory  properties of the ginger and turmeric, had to add that in. The apples and cucumber are both full of vitamins. The kale… well, it is very close to being perfect in all ways. All of the ingredients are powerful individually but combined they are a powerhouse of nutrition. So now that you have this tasty, slightly spicy green juice recipe– get juicing, raise your glass and CHEERS to our HEALTH!

A CHEF’S TIP: the cutting instructions I have listed are a basic guideline. The sizes I describe work for my juicer’s shoot, adjust the size of the cuts you make accordingly to your juicer.


1 medium ripe organic lemon, do NOT peel, quarter

2 large ripe organic limes, do NOT peel, quarter

2 inch long piece of fresh organic ginger root, do NOT peel, quarter

2 inch long piece of fresh organic turmeric root, do NOT peel, quarter

1 large organic cucumber, do NOT peel, quarter length wise

5 organic pink lady or baby jazz apples, do NOT peel, quarter

1 bunch of organic kale (I like Dino kale, it has the highest nutrient and water content but your favorite will do too) cut into medium pieces

In your juicer, juice all of the listed ingredients. I like to rotate from kale to the others to make sure it washes all of the juice out of my juicer easily. When you get to know your juicer, you can decide the order that works the most efficient for yours. Once you have juiced all of your ingredients, stir well and enjoy! Reserve the leftover pulp for other recipes in a covered container in the refrigerator-discard after 2 days.

NOTE: for a larger drink, I add 3 large organic unpeeled carrots for an extra boost

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