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Coconut Oil Moisturizer (raw beauty secret)

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COCONUT OIL MOISTURIZER (raw beauty secret)

Especially during the winter, I find that my skin and hair is extremely dry. To top off living in a dry climate, the heater and layers of clothing and hats just perpetuate the problem. I am on a RAW and VEGAN diet so I want to use products on the outside that are just as healthy. It is known that what ever we put on our skin and hair, absorbs into our systems as if we have ingested it. I have researched and read just about every natural moisturizer label out there, but have yet to find any that are as pure and natural as unrefined organic coconut oil. Coconut oil contains good fats, vitamin E, vitamin K and iron… all good for your skin and hair. The plant based saturated fat in it gives it a long shelf life and contributes to the creamy texture. The protein in the oil also reduces protein and moisture loss in the hair. An added bonus, the scent is heavenly!

I purchase my coconut oil at my local health food store. They are the only place that I have found raw unrefined organic coconut oil. I choose organic because I do not want chemicals, pesticides nor GMO in my oil. When you use raw unrefined oil, it is not heated above 95 degrees thus all of the live bacteria and enzymes are still present in the oil.  It is the same oil that I eat, yes I eat it too. Coconut oil is great in many dishes while still staying within my strict diet guidelines.

Coconut oil can be applied at anytime. You can apply it after a good body scrub, following a nice relaxing bath or whenever you are looking a little dry. When you purchase raw unrefined organic coconut oil you can apply it head to toe. I use it in my hair, on my face and neck, of course the rest of this naked body gets it too. Yes it even makes a great lip balm! Because it is edible too, no need to worry about ingesting it. Can you say that about any other moisturizer out there?

For best results, I recommend starting off with about 1/2 tsp. of oil at a time. I take this amount and warm it up in my hand and apply it. I then use more if needed to feel completely moisturized. When I use it in small amounts at a time, it never feels greasy or like I applied too much. In my bathroom’s vanity, I keep a sealed glass jar of it and have a small sealed glass container that I keep in my purse for whenever the dry moment occurs. Keeping it handy always insures that I have it if I need it, especially for my lips. I also make sure that I apply it before I get dressed, so I feel soft and moisturized all day.

So don’t let your dry skin and hair get you down. Now that you have the RAW BEAUTY SECRET of coconut oil, give it a try.

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