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Daikon Spring Rolls (raw-vegan)

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Just because I am only eating RAW and VEGAN these days, doesn’t mean I have to give up the traditional food that I used to eat. One of those foods is the spring roll. YES spring rolls are healthy and vegan– but not raw. Traditional spring roll skins (or wrappers) are made of boiled rice, the starch paste is collected, then formed into round thin patties and dried. When you make spring rolls, you just moisten the skin with water and it becomes pliable so you can wrap your veggies in it.  On that note, I needed to find a spring roll skin that conforms to my RAW eating habits. Well, how about daikon radish spring roll skins? The daikon radish is familiar to all of us that eat raw sashimi… It is the thin curly strips of white vegetable that is served as a garnish and palate cleanser for our sashimi. The flavor is light, a little peppery and very versatile. The great thing about daikon, besides its nutritional value and high water content, is that when it is sliced thin and dried a little, it makes a GREAT raw spring roll skin! Now that I created a RAW version of a spring roll skin, I will not have to sacrifice eating these. This recipe is simple and VERY TASTY! I am going to give you my favorite combination of veggies that I put in my spring rolls; you can use any combination that you like. ENJOY spring rolls again!

A CHEF’S TIP: be sure to cut your veggies according to the instructions. The cut does matter! If the cuts are too big, it will throw off the balance of flavors. The sizes listed are to compliment the size and structure of these spring rolls thus giving the best results…


18 organic daikon spring roll skins (see instructions below) you will need a piece about 8″ long by 4″ diameter or equal to

1/4 cup organic cilantro leaves

2 organic green onions, fine strip length-wise and cut into 3 inch pieces

1/2 cup organic clover sprouts, wash well and spin dry

1 cup organic mung bean sprouts,wash well and spin dry

1/4 cup organic daikon radish, small strips about 1/8 inch thick, use the extra daikon left from when you make the skins

1/2 large organic red pepper, small strips length-wise about 1/4 inch thick

dipping sauce (mix and allow to set at room temperature while you make the spring roll skins)

1/4 cup raw organic coconut aminos

2 TBSP raw organic apple cider vinegar

1 tsp dried organic red chili flakes

daikon radish skins

Wash and peel your daikon radish.Use a mandolin to cut length-wise into strips. On your slotted trays of your dehydrator, arrange these pieces into an oval about 4 inches long by overlapping the pieces as shown in below picture…

daikon radish skin pre dry

Now dry for 1 hour, flip over and dry for an additional hour. Gently remove the skins from the trays and transfer to a flat surface laying horizontally long, they will be a little sticky and floppy. Evenly distribute all of the veggie ingredients vertically on the center of the skins piled on top each other. Gently roll the skin over the veggies on both sides towards the center and overlap the seam slightly. Secure the rolls diagonally with a small round toothpick–see pic below…

spring roll securing pic

Now that your spring rolls are secure, flip over (seam down) onto your serving plate and serve with the dipping sauce (recipe above in the main instructions). ENJOY!!

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