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Fiddlebumps Muscle Balm Review

 fiddlebumps muscle balm


As some of you know, 13 years ago I had spinal fusion to stabilize my spine from degenerative disc.  The road to recovery has been long, daunting and sometimes down right depressing. A couple of years ago I started not only applying my schooling of nutrition from college but dove into the school of thought that “let food be thy medicine”! In short, a radical change of diet(eating whole real food and at least 95% vegan), stress management, plenty of sleep and water; I feel better and better everyday that passes. This does not mean that I am free from pain. No I do not have constant daily pain like I had for many years: just pain from when I over do it. I know that I am limited in the things that I should do, but this knowledge is not always applied. Yes I go for too long of hikes, work too much outside on my property or just simply do not make myself rest like I should. I can’t help it sometimes, this busy bee needs to enjoy the world!! Up until my surgery, I was also very active, so being idle is not in my nature. This brings me to a GREAT product I have discovered… FIDDLEBUMPS MUSCLE BALM.  I got a sample from them late February to try, so I have on a couple of occasions ( so it is a tried and true product testing). The occasions were actually when I was in excruciating pain (from over-doing it of course). I have to say I wish I had this balm 13 years ago. Within a matter of minutes, my spasming muscles stop wrenching and the screaming pain subsides. I do not want to share the gory details too much but lets put it this way, when my back goes out, I pass out from the pain eventually. Nothing in the past including heavy narcotics (which I refuse to take now) would help: I had to ride it out, as they say, until I shut down and past out. Again, lucky for me I found this product and I no longer have to endure this process! At the onset of my muscle spasms starting, I rub a small amount of the balm on the areas and…. It stops the spasms and pain!

Besides this product working, it is made of all natural ingredients. Check out this ingredient list:
-Menthol Crystals
-Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil
-Essential Oils of Camphor, Pine and Cinnamon
It has NO Toxins, NO Petroleum, and NO Parabens either. I have to admit that the smell will clear your sinuses BUT it really works, so I don’t care! I figure if that is the worse thing that comes out of using it…. SIGN ME UP! Besides it makes me smell minty fresh, giggle.
So now that I have talked a little about this amazing product, what are you waiting for? Most of you probably do not have this extreme of pain, some might. My point is, just think how good this balm would work for you –what ever pain level you have….
To check out FIDDLEBUMPS, just click here on this link or pictures above. [probably should have got a picture of the product BEFORE I used it ] NOTE: YES- it is my affiliate link and I will receive a small portion of the retail price, this will help fund my supply of muscle balm that I need to be forever pain free:)
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