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Fire Kindling Bag

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     As the days get colder and the nights drop below freezing, my fireplace is in full swing now. Yes, I do have a central heating system but it is only set at 50 for the nights if the fireplace isn’t doing it’s job or dies out before I can replenish logs on it. Everyday in the afternoon, I go to the wood pile, grab a stockpile of wood and proceed to build the night’s fire as part of my RUSTIC LIFESTYLE. This can be pretty simple if the right supplies are at hand. I have a couple of cords of seasoned dry wood logs, a plethora of small sticks and because I recycle all my paper and paper bags, lots of that too.  I consider myself an advanced level fire maker. I am always the one volunteered to build the fire when we go camping and to create fire in our fire pit at home; I guess that is the caveman still within me. My fire pit I have,I actually made by collecting the rocks on the property (with some help from the better half) and arranging them to fit into a perfect 8 foot diameter circle with out the use of mortar, it is pretty cool I think. Inside my home I do not have a fire pit, it is a cute wood insert inside an old brick fireplace from the sixties (when the cabin was built). Being that it is not open air design, this has it’s challenges indeed. I have to constantly tend to the building and maintaining of my fire, so I came up with a great trick- A fire kindling bag.

You will need just a few items to do this:

1 recycled full sized brown paper bag (kind you get groceries in)

10 sheets of newspaper, fold in half,  twisted tightly longways to make a rope and then make a single knot with it on itself

a fist full of dry small twigs about 6 to 8 inches long that are about 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter

1 dry seasoned log

Place the twigs inside the bottom of the open bag, now place the newspaper knots in on top of them. Starting from the top of the paper bag, where the handles are, start loosely rolling the whole bag down towards the bottom of the bag to seal it. Place the rolled bag ROLLED SIDE DOWN in the bottom of your cleaned fireplace insert. Place the dry seasoned split log on top of bag with bark side down in a diagonal direction upward and across the kindling bag. Light the bottom and sides of the bag. Close the insert door and open half of the vents on one side or so door is just barely open without the vents open to get lots of air circulating , be sure damper is all the way open. With this cross ventilation, the fire will start fast and hot. When first starting the fire, be sure to tend it for a few minutes, adjusting the airflow as needed. Once the fire has started, tend as usual. STAY WARM my FRIEND!

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