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First Winter Snow 2012


As the rest of the country is in prime autumn, we here in the sierras are witnessing our first winter snowfall today. The past couple of days have been busy covering up patio furniture, stacking wood we just got, moving plants inside and putting away all the little decor around the property that resembles summer. The previous days over the past couple months have been anywhere from 65 to 80, and the nights just started to dip down into the 40’s. This is my first year here in the Lake Tahoe region as a permanent resident, its has been a real treat to see the seasons change. Just two weeks ago, I started noticing that the Aspens are changing. The cooler nights make the leaves change from green to yellow to orange to red… I am not sure what is in store now with the snow. I am hoping with the forecast of 60 next week, the leaves just don’t fall off.

We have another 14 inches in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, it looks like I will get my first taste of using the snow blower and shovel on Wednesday morning. Until then, I don’t have to leave the house, so I am just going to keep the fire stoked and enjoy yet another season change.

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