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Get ready for BIKINI SEASON recipe collection


Hate to break the news but the first weekend of summer starts in 30 days (memorial day already?)…Are you ready for BIKINI SEASON? Well most of us, definitely including myself, are NOT!! NO worries because this is exactly what this post is about… getting ready for bikini season. We all know that the key to being ready is hard work, exercise and eating clean. Some of us, like my friend Sheila, works very hard all year long to maintain that bikini body that she has. The photo above was taken about two weeks ago on her vacation… YEP she is ready and can be an inspiration to ALL of us I think! So for the rest of us, how do we start on the road to be bikini ready? First thing is to cut out the junk and start eating clean. Staying hydrated and plenty of sleep is a must. Also– GET MOVING, even if it is only 20 minutes a day…To help with the food part, I have included a list below of scrumptious smoothies,clean meals and snacks, detoxing recipes and satisfying salads that you can start incorporating into your everyday meal plan to gear up. I have found that when I use these recipes, I feel great and the (UH-HUM) “winter fluff” seems to disappear quickly– if I stick to it.

HERE IS MY PROGRAM I AM DOING TO GET READY: I start my day with 16 ounces of warm water with a whole lemon squeezed in it. Then I follow it up by sipping on a quart of CLEAN GREEN JUICEThe rest of the day consists of raw fruits and veggies. At dinner time I lightly steam veggies with pan seared tofu or a similar meal. Yep, no bread – pasta – rice – sugar or alcohol for the next 30 days– so that I can properly detox and kick start my system. Besides this basic list, I drink as much COLD BREWED GREEN TEA and filtered water that I can along with warm RICH VEGGIE STOCK  or a smoothie as a snack. I have also made it my goal to consume a full head of kale a day (besides in my green juice–I eat it raw or lightly steamed).  After a couple of days, I feel great and full of energy! Remember you will start to detox if you go all the way like I am, so be patient with the couple days of the blues! Now this program is what I am doing: you can follow it exactly or do your own version of it ** … Even if you were to just add in recipes from the following list and ditch the unnecessary (pasta-bread-sugar-alcohol-etc), you WILL not only feel a difference but start to see a difference, I promise! Who knows- this might kick start a lifetime of healthier eating habits or inspire you to have a BIKINI SEASON READY BODY year round too.

Here is a list of my favorite GET READY FOR BIKINI SEASON recipes….just click the link to be taken to the recipes or articles… HERE’S TO SUMMER!





**(please contact your physician before starting any new program) 

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