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Gingerbread Man Latte

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With the holidays here, I always try to incorporate those smells and tastes I grew up with in all of my holiday cooking. I like the warmth that spices add to even the simplest items like a latte. One of my fondest childhood memories is gingerbread (to eat and smell). As a child, I was not allowed to drink coffee but as an adult I can have it anytime of the day I want. My favorite way to drink coffee at Christmas time is in form of a GINGERBREAD MAN LATTE. This recipe makes for a very festive morning or after dinner drink for your holiday guests or to cozy up by the fire with your favorite Christmas music. The process is very simple…

SERVES 1 (multiply accordingly)

2 shots of fresh organic espresso

1 cup frothed organic whole milk

1 tsp unsulphered natural back strap molasses

1/4 tsp fresh micro-planed cinnamon stick

1/4 tsp organic sugar

1 gingerbread man

7 inch decorative ribbon

red edible glitter

With your espresso machine, brew 2 shots espresso, allow to rest. Froth your milk with the molasses, cinnamon and sugar until it reaches 180 degrees. Heat your cup with hot water and pour out. Pour in your espresso and top with the frothed milk mixture. Tie the ribbon on the neck of your gingerbread man, set him inside of the latte and sprinkle lightly with edible glitter. The ribbon allows you to neatly dip your gingerbread man in and out of your latte and eat….. ENJOY the holiday!

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