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Grandma’s Twisted Pumpkin Spice Mix (raw vegan paleo)

pumpkin spice mix raw vegan paleo


YEP, the holiday season is upon us, like it or not… I normally do not even like to mention this fact until after Halloween BUT the media trends have forced me to comply. I LOVE autumn, not just because the leaves are changing but my creativity comes out. It comes out because this is the time of year that all of our food is heavily spiced and flavored. I can really experiment with flavors and textures too. I normally use lots of spices and herbs all year-long, but the “WARM” spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves just seem to go hand in hand with the cooler autumn weather. The one favorite spice mixes of all time is the pumpkin spice mix. AH! It’s the earthy and spicy flavors that tends to sneak into everything that we make this time of year, right? Some would say it is tradition. Some would say that it is mandatory. I say- it is because this blend ROCKS! On that note, what better recipe should I use than my grandma’s? Well, grandma is now officially famous… well she is to me! I took her pumpkin spice recipe and gave it a jarOhoney twist (that’s what I am famous for). Please don’t get me wrong, her pumpkin spice mix is a hit, but of course I had to add secret ingredients–dried orange peel and all organic raw spices (not so secret). The orange peel gives this mix a nice finish and makes it pop. I use just enough to enhance the flavors but also enough to make everyone wonder… “What is that flavor?”. This is not a bad thing at all. Everyone seems to be delighted when the secret is divulged. To give an extra kick and superb fresh flavor, I grind all of my organic RAW spices (except the ginger), just like the good old days.  This stays true to grandma’s original recipe, back when she made it generations ago before commercially produced ingredients were available. Although this is GRANDMA’S PUMPKIN SPICE MIX in origin, please let’s not tell her that I twisted it… So now that you have the recipe for GRANDMA’S “TWISTED” PUMPKIN SPICE MIX, let’s get cooking!! ODE to PUMPKIN SPICE!!

A CHEF’S TIP: ALWAYS use organic, raw (sun-dried or not heated over 100 degree F) whole spices when available and grind them yourself. Pre-ground spices lose their flavor quickly. I do sometimes use pre-ground ginger for convenience but it is raw, organic and high quality. Also store your spice mix out of the heat and sunlight for the longest shelf life. Note: I use an old coffee grinder and micro-plane to grind my spices.


1/3 cup fresh micro-planed organic raw whole cinnamon stick

1 TBSP ground dried organic raw ginger root (pre-ground BUT high quality)

1 TBSP fresh micro-planed organic raw whole nutmeg

1 1/2 tsp fresh fine ground whole organic raw cloves (coffee grinder)

1 TBSP fresh fine ground whole organic raw allspice beads (coffee grinder)

1 tsp fresh fine ground dried organic raw orange peel (click here for my recipe) (coffee grinder)

Be sure that you grind all the spices according to the directions. Now blend well in a bowl. Place in an airtight sealed container out of the heat and sunlight. Use in any recipe that calls for pumpkin spice mix without adjustments.

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