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Grandma’s Zucchini Bread Dippers (raw-vegan)

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Nothing says childhood memories and comfort food like old fashioned baked bread. My grandma used to bake daily and share her creations with us. Now that she is 93, she only bakes every so often; I will take it when I can. One of my favorite breads she used to make was fresh zucchini bread. The moist and succulent bread was a hit for sure. One other thing about grandma’s baking was that she only used organic and natural ingredients in all of her cooking. Imagine that world where nothing was labeled organic, it JUST WAS! She also ground her own spices and put love into everything she made. I have modeled my way of cooking around her ways. I only use organic and natural ingredients, with a dash of love, in all that I make. I believe that it is not only healthy but the flavors are amazing. The one difference is that I am raw and vegan, grandma is not. So what is this grand baby supposed to do, not eat zucchini bread? NOPE, I will eat it, but my version. So on that note, I decided to turn her famous zucchini bread into a raw vegan version that I can enjoy. Sure I can indulge in her version, but then how would I be able to share this treat with you? Not to worry, I have developed my recipe for GRANDMA’S ZUCCHINI BREAD DIPPERS. These little guys are bite sized, super moist and full of all of the tradition and love that grandma puts into her bread. I am also including the recipe for coconut whipped cream for you to dip them in. So spark up some good childhood memories of comfort food by making this recipe– With love from me and grandma:)


2 cups organic sun dried medjool dates, pit and quarter

3 cups organic fresh zucchini, do NOT peel, vermicelli sized shreds on your spiralizer or processor

1 tsp fresh ground pink salt

2 cups fresh organic coconut milk

3 cups organic walnut halves

1 tsp fresh micro-planed organic cinnamon stick

1/2 tsp organic ground dried ginger

4 whole organic allspice beads, fine grind (I use an old coffee grinder for my whole spices)

1 large organic banana

1 tsp raw organic vanilla extract

2 TBSP fresh date syrup from this recipe

1 tsp raw organic coconut crystals

3 TBSP organic unrefined coconut oil

In a medium mixing bowl, place the dates in and cover with cool water. In another mixing bowl, mix the zucchini shreds and pink salt until mixed well. Place the zucchini shreds in a large metal fine mesh strainer over a bowl. In a medium sauce pan, put in the coconut milk in and simmer at 100 degrees (use a calibrated thermometer to be sure), stir often and reduce to 1 cup(it takes about 3 plus hours). Place in a covered bowl in the refrigerator until dippers are completely done. Leave the date bowl and zucchini shreds draining for 24 hours. Drain dates but reserve the liquid, this is your date syrup. Add 2 TBSP of this date syrup to your reduced coconut cream and mix well, cover and return to the refrigerator. In your food processor, pulse chop the walnuts to a coarse meal, place in a mixing bowl. Add the cinnamon, allspice and ginger to this meal and mix well, this is your walnut mix. In your food processor, add the banana, vanilla extract and 1 TBSP of the date syrup, puree until smooth, add to a medium mixing bowl-this is your banana mix.  Place the remaining date syrup in a covered jar in the refrigerator for later use in other recipes like smoothies(up to 3 days). Now puree the dates until smooth and add it to the banana mix and stir well. Add in the strained zucchini shreds and bend well without mashing. Now add the walnut mix 1 cup at a time to this and blend well, continue with the remaining walnut mix. Use a melon baller and scoop out round balls of this mix onto the solid trays of your dehydrator. Dehydrate for 3 hours and transfer to the slotted trays, be sure to give enough room for air flow. Continue to dehydrate until firm about another 8 hours, turn every 2 hours–the centers should still be moist. Now it is time to make the coconut whipped cream. Warm the coconut oil to 80 degrees (use a calibrated thermometer to be sure) by placing it in a glass jar in a warm water bath. Remove the coconut cream from the refrigerator and place in a large mixing bowl. Add the coconut crystals. Using an electric mixer, blend the crystals in on low speed. Now whip on high for 4 minutes. After that now slowly add the coconut oil while the mixer is on high and whip until stiff peaks are present. Serve immediately with the dippers. ENJOY!!

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