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Green Shamrock Shots (raw-vegan)

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You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day! I am probably the farthest thing from it. The memories of feasting on corned beef and cabbage with Jameson whiskey shots chased by pints of Guinness Beer are in the distant past; but I still celebrate the holiday– healthy style. I love green juice, so this prompted me to create a green shot for the beloved holiday. My GREEN SHAMROCK SHOTS are the perfect way to start the festivities right. YES these shots actually have shamrocks in them! Shamrocks are from the clover family, completely edible and full of nutrients and vitamins that my inner Irish girl is graving. These shots are non-alcoholic- so no need to keep track of how many you put back. They resemble the refreshing light flavor of wheat grass or leafy green juice, YUM!  So this St. Paddy’s Day grab some friends, chase a rainbow and cheers your fellow leprechaun with this healthy green shamrock shot! CHEERS to our HEALTH!

A CHEF’S TIP: Although clovers are edible, be sure to buy ORGANIC! Ask your florist or favorite local market to source these for you. Also, sprouts need to be washed well before consumption, ALWAYS!! I wash well and then spin them dry in a salad spinner.


1/2 cup organic shamrocks, wash and spin dry

1 cup organic baby spinach leaves, wash and spin dry

3 medium fresh organic mint leaves

1/2 cup organic clover sprouts, wash and spin dry

1/2 cup shredded organic daikon radish

1 small organic cucumber, do NOT peel, wash and quarter length-wise into spears

In your juicer, load up with the hopper in order with the shamrocks, spinach, mint leaves, and clover sprouts- now juice these. Now add the daikon radish and juice. Finish off with the cucumber spears to wash it all out. Pour into 4 shot glasses and CHEERS!!

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