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Grilled Lamb

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Who says Lamb has to be hard to cook? This simple recipe will be the hit of your dinner party!


3 to 4 pounds grass fed organic lamb boneless shoulder or leg (you pick), remove excess fat and silver skin with a boning knife, cut into quarters- large pieces (about 1 pound pieces each if you can– makes it easier to cook evenly

1/2 cup fresh organic rosemary (from your window herb garden), remove from stem, finely chopped

8 cloves fresh organic garlic, finely chopped

2 large ripe organic lemons- use a potato peeler to remove zest and fine chop zest, juice lemons and reserve

1 tsp. fresh ground pink sea salt

3/4 cup organic unrefined olive oil (NOT VIRGIN) or melted raw unrefined coconut oil

Prick 1/2 inch cuts into the meat with a small paring knife multiple times on all sides. In a large bowl, mix the rosemary, garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt and olive oil. Open a large gallon resealable plastic bag and set aside on a platter. Dip each piece of lamb into the oil herb mixture and coat well, place into the resealable bag. Discard any remaining dip. Tightly seal the plastic bag, this remains on the platter. Leave out at room temperature for 2 hours, rotating and flipping the bag every 30 minutes to make sure all sides of the lamb are evenly marinating. Drain but do not pat dry…FIRE UP THE GRILL to highest setting possible. Be sure to scrape the hot grill with a heavy wire BBQ brush to get any previous charred material off of it, oil if necessary. Once grill is clean and VERY HOT, place lamb pieces on direct flame to sear it well on all sides. Be sure to have a squirt bottle with fresh water to put out flare-ups. Remove the lamb from direct flame, turn grill to low and continue to cook the lamb until internal temperature reaches 130 degrees. Remove lamb from the grill, place onto a large metal cookie sheet and cover tightly with aluminum foil. Allow to rest for 20 minutes. (This would be a great time to turn the heat up and GRILL VEGETABLES.) Slice the lamb against the grain on an angle and serve.

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