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Guacamole tazas de Tomate (raw-vegan)

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Just when you though there were no other ways to make or serve guacamole, you came across this fun and simple recipe. Avocados are one of natures complete super foods, so why not add a few more to your diet. They are full of good fats, nutrients and vitamins that will nourish you and the flavor will make your taste-buds want to dance. You all know that I love appetizers and antipasto, so I am always finding new ways to display my food to wow my guests. This recipe for GUACAMOLE TAZAS DE TOMATEĀ  not only tastes great but the presentation will be chatted about even after they are eaten. I like to pair this recipe up with raw corn polenta, fresh spicy salsa and raw blue tortilla chips when I serve Spanish/Mexican fare. So do not worry if you served guacamole last time at your party… Believe me, everybody LOVES it!!

A CHEF’S TIP: always use ripe ingredients. There is nothing like the flavor of ripe fruits and veggies ESPECIALLY avocados and tomatoes.Be sure to pick avocados that are firm but slightly soft and tomatoes that are vibrant with no soft spots or blemishes.


14 small organic vine ripe cocktail tomatoes (ping pong ball sized) with stems intact

3 large ripe organic avocados

2 small organic limes

1 medium organic jalapeno–use whole for spicy, 1/2 for medium, 1/4 for mild… I recommend SPICY:)

1/4 large organic yellow onion

6 large cloves fresh organic garlic cloves

1/4 cup fresh organic cilantro leaves

1/4 tsp fresh ground pink salt

extra whole cilantro leaves for garnish, optional

Wash the tomatoes well do not remove the stem. Cut the avocados in half lengthwise and pit*(reserve pits if you are doing ahead). Remove the meat into a medium bowl and mash well with a fork. Zest and juice the limes into the bowl and mix well into the avocado. Fine dice/chop the jalapeno, yellow onion, garlic cloves and cilantro leaves and add it to the bowl — mix well. Now de-stem and medium dice 2 of the tomatoes and add it with the pink salt to the mix, blend well, and set aside–this is your guacamole mix. Lay the remaining tomatoes on their sides and use a sharp knife to cut the tops off (1/3 from the top), leave the stem intact and reserve for garnish like the pic above. Now use a teaspoon and remove the seeds and meat, reserve for another recipe or green smoothie. Fill the tomatoes slightly overfilled with the guacamole mix. Now arrange on your serving platter or dishes, garnish with the cut off tomato tops, extra cilantro leaves and serve.

*NOTE: if you are doing this ahead [up to day before], do not prepare the cocktail tomato cups until before service, just mix the guacamole. After the guacamole mix is done being mixed, add the reserved avocado pits to it and stir well. Place in an airtight container up to 24 hours in the refrigerator. When you are ready to serve, remove the pits and stir well before stuffing the tomato cups.

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