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Hot Toddy

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The HOT TODDY has been in my family for generations. By definition, a hot toddy is an alcoholic beverage that is a mix of liquor, water, spices and is served hot. I have found that it is a soothing hot drink especially for when it is cold, a holiday party drink and makes a great after dinner drink. Legend has it that a hot toddy will also relieve cold and flu symptoms…. I have tried it and it works for me. According to some health officials, treating your sickness with alcohol is not recommended because they say the alcohol dehydrates you. The jury is out….

Here is my recipe for a HOT TODDY… CHEERS!


1 whole cinnamon stick, use a zester or grater and shave off about 1/8th tsp. into your glass, use stick to stir drink

1 small vanilla bean, split lengthwise, break in half, put all in glass

1 thin slice of fresh ripe organic lemon

2 ounces of favorite whiskey or bourbon

1 cup boiling water

In a highball glass place all dry ingredients first, top with whiskey and then top with boiling water. Stir well and allow to steep for 5 minutes. SIP AWAY MY FRIEND!

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