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iced coffee coco-nug by jarOhoney.com

Iced Coffee Coco-Nug (vegan)

iced coffee coco-nug by jarOhoney.com


OH YEAH! the weather is getting hotter and party season has started. So naturally one of everyones favorite iced drinks is iced coffee! Iced coffee is refreshing and can give a jolt to all of us, especially on a hot day. I have had many iced coffee drinks in the past and they all seem to lack the flavor and kick of hot coffee. One element that I look for in iced coffee is the rich flavor of a dark roasted coffee. Just plain brewing dark roasted coffee and freezing it just doesn’t cut it. The coffee flavor seems to get lost in the drink after awhile and it leaves the beverage tasting flat. I have also tried using instant coffee…. we will just leave the comment to YUK! So the only other option was to make the coffee element more concentrated. My friend Tim at WOOD-FIRE ROASTED COFFEE COMPANY makes a coffee concentrate that I got inspiration from. The process is simple and flavor is very potent, perfect to use in my ICED COFFEE COCO-NUGS. A coco-nug is a cold drink that consists of coffee, coconut milk, maple syrup and vodka (it tastes great without the vodka too). These refreshing drinks are perfect at any party especially when the temperatures are soaring high. I will now get to the recipe because summer is coming and you will need to be armed with another cold drink to keep you cool!

A CHEF’S TIP: for best results buy fresh roasted whole bean coffee and grind it yourself, this will produce the best flavor. Also you can use the coffee concentrate in other cold coffee drinks too… Use 1 ounce concentrate to 2 ounces of water for a cold coffee or 1 ounce concentrate to 1 ounce water and ice cubes for a plain iced coffee.



2 cups fresh organic whole bean dark roasted coffee ( click here to order)(1/3 lb)**

3 cups filtered cold water

Fresh grind your coffee for a DRIP PROCESS. Place your grinds into a large french press coffee maker. Add the filtered water and stir well to get all of the grinds wet. Place the plunger on top and press it down just enough so the grinds are fully submerged in the water. Allow to steep for 24 hours. Fully press the plunger down and drain the liquid and reserve. (I tilt the french press and allow it to fully drain for 1 hour). Pour the liquid into decorative ice cube trays and freeze for at least 3 hours. Remove the cubes from the trays into a sealable container, store in the freezer and use in your recipes when needed.


6 to 8 coffee concentrate cubes

1 cup organic coconut milk

2 tablespoons organic 100% maple syrup

1 1/2 ounces of favorite organic vodka (optional)

Place all ingredients in a highball glass and stir.Allow to set for 10 minutes, stir again and  Enjoy!!

**ps-if you happen to order coffee through the links, please be sure to mention jarOhoney in the comment section on the order page, I get free coffee for referals. Thanks!

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