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Iced Green Tea Starters

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      There is nothing like homemade iced tea. For many years I tortured myself and drank diet soda, and then I switched to iced green tea instead. I drink unsweetened ice green tea but have found anything in the store contains chemicals and additives that I do not want. So what is one to do? Well I started to make my own iced green tea. It is actually quite simple once you get the system down. The first thing you need to do is get a 1 gallon pitcher with a pour lid,  2 quart mason jars with lids and a box of organic green tea bags and that’s it except for boiling water.

Here is my method for making Organic Green Iced Tea Starters (each makes 1 gallon iced green tea):

  • Boil 2.5 quarts filtered water either in a kettle or pot, on high heat
  • prepare clean quart jars by setting them on a surface that is heat proof and will not be in the way for at least 6 hours
  • un-package and remove the string and tab from 2 organic green tea bags
  • place one in each jar
  • fill the mason jars to first rim of neck of jar with boiling filtered water
  • let set for at least 6 to 8 hours, not anymore because it will become bitter
  • remove tea bags with a long spoon or fork, gently squeeze out excess water into jar, be sure not to break the tea bag
  • cover them with the jar’s lid and refrigerate overnight or 8 hours
  • take ONE of the starters and pour into the clean gallon pitcher
  • fill pitcher with 3 more jars full of clean filtered water
  • when pitcher is empty, repeat with the second starter. This is the time to make two more starters. Clean both empty jars and repeat the process above. If you re-do starters on the “second jar” used, you (in theory) will always have one ready to make.

Green tea has many health benefits and iced tea is refreshing all year long, there, now you have two good things for today.


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