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Kimchi’d Green Beans (raw-vegan)

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Kimchi is a staple in my kitchen, I love the spicy pickled flavor of it. I put it in smoothies and use it a a condiment on an array of thing. Kimchi is also full of vitamins and good things for your digestive health. I have had kimchi that is made with traditional cabbage; I make my own with other veggies like brussel sprouts too. Since the flavor combination is a favorite of mine, I started to experiment with other veggies. Hence the KIMCHI’D GREEN BEAN was born. The texture resembles that more of pickled green bean but with the spicy and brine flavor of classic kimchi. The process is the same as traditional made, not hard at all.  The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for them to be done. Since they do take a while to make, I like to make full batches because these guys don’t last long…


half gallon glass wide mouth jar with fitting lid

6 cups fresh organic green beans (about 1 1/2 pounds)

1 TBSP fresh ground pink salt

AFTER first 24 soak, prepare the following ingredients (see instructions)

2 tsp organic ground chili powder (I use turkish variety)

2 TBSP fresh organic mature ginger root, do NOT peel, fine chopped

9 large fresh organic garlic cloves, fine chopped

2 large organic green onions, cut root ends off and trim any wilted leaves off, fine slice

Snip the stem end off of the green beans and wash well. Remove any beans that have soft spots or damage. Wash the jar with hot water. Add the green beans to the jar, you will have to slide them in to fit them all. Fill the jar to the mouth with warm water (not over 95 degrees), add the pink salt, cover and vigorously shake. Remove the cover and allow to set out at room temperature for 24 hours. Prepare the remaining ingredients. Drain the soaking liquid into a large container and reserve. Remove the green beans and place in a large bowl and mix well with the prepared remaining ingredients until well coated. Add the coated green beans and any remaining spice/veggie rub back to the jar. Fill the jar with the reserved soaking liquid. Set out at room temperature UNCOVERED for 5 days. Be sure to cover and shake well every 24 hours, then remove cover again and continue to set. On the 6th day, cover the jar, shake well and refrigerate up to 2 months.

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