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Lavender Salt Foot Scrub (raw beauty secret)

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LAVENDER SALT FOOT SCRUB (raw beauty secret)

One of the body parts I feel that is neglected is our feet, especially during the winter time. It might be due to the fact that they are covered with wool socks and snow boots most of the time. If they are not in boots, they are in slippers, so out of sight out of mind? Well just because we do not see them except when we bathe and change socks, doesn’t mean our tootsies should be forgotten when we are taking care of our bodies. To think that the one part that takes us from place to place in our lives is last on our list of upkeep. To be honest, mine look terrible right now– so I am breaking out one of my RAW BEAUTY SECRETS to help them look and feel better; my LAVENDER SALT FOOT SCRUB.

The skin on our feet is the same as the rest of our body, it needs nourishment and outer care. The good food we eat nourishes them from the inside and proper foot care takes care of the outside. I tend to only really think about the look of my feet in the summertime when I wear sandals or go barefoot. I am sure that this is probably a bad habit. I automatically take care of the inside because I have a healthy diet but you wouldn’t know by the looks of them. My skin is dry and milky white, my heels are cracked and the bottoms feel rough, not a very pretty visual I know. I am sure that because I wear socks all winter long, the skin on my feet isn’t able to breathe very well. The trapping of moisture in my socks causes my heels to crack and the roughness is from not properly pampering them like I should.

I have searched for natural beauty products that are available that adherer to my raw lifestyle without any luck. First off, I have not found commercially produced products that even come close to the quality and purity that making homemade products provide. My homemade products are 100% organic, free of chemicals/preservatives/GMO’s, RAW, sustainable, are actually edible and above all, really IN-EXPENSIVE to produce. What other products out there can boast that???

Although the ingredients are simple, they do serve a purpose. The lavender oils in the flowers act as a natural antiseptic for those cracks in your skin. The scent of the lavender is used as an aroma therapy to help relax you. The cantaloupe seeds act as an exfoliate and the small amount of oils in them will soften the skin. The salt is an exfoliate and a disinfectant to whisk away any germs and bacteria that are lurking in between those toes.

So now that you have my raw beauty secret of LAVENDER SALT FOOT SCRUB, give your feet the pampering that they need, they will thank you.

For soft feet year round, repeat weekly or more often if necessary.


1/4 cup whole dried organic lavender flowers

1/4 cup coarse sea salt

1/4 cup dried organic cantaloupe or squash seeds (I just dry the seeds when I open up them fresh)

1/4 cup luke-warm water

foot soaking pan

luke-warm water (as hot as you can stand without burning or discomfort)

raw organic unrefined coconut oil

In your food processor, pulse the lavender flowers, sea salt and cantaloupe seeds to a coarse grind, set aside in a small mixing bowl. Soak your feet in luke-warm water for 15 minutes, remove feet from the soaking pan but do not dry. Add 1/4 cup of luke-warm water to your ground ingredients to make a paste. Rub small amounts of the paste on all areas of your feet, concentrating on the driest parts like the ball and heel until all of the paste is used. The paste will exfoliate any dry skin off, so continue to rub until all areas are smooth. Rinse well in the soaking pan and pat dry with a soft towel. Rub thoroughly with small amounts of hand warmed coconut oil to finish. You can discard water and solids in your garden or compost. NOTE: for best results, do this in a soaking pan NOT your sink or tub, as the seed hulls and flowers may clog your drains and pipes.

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