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Rustic Lovers Cordial Goji Fudge (raw-vegan)

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Well, not all chocolate is created equal. Even though I should indulge, I just can’t get my self to dive in with both feet first. So on that note, I took an old time classic, the CORDIAL and gave it a healthy twist. In fact it could be considered a super food. My RUSTIC LOVERS CORDIAL GOJI FUDGE keeps in line with the sweetness and flavor that you would expect from any fine confection. The difference is these sweet treats are made with goji berries, raw cacao nibs, raw coconut oil, chia seeds and a touch of raw agave syrup. All of these ingredients are 100% RAW and VEGAN, so no need to limit yourself to just one. With super food ingredients you might just feel like a SUPERMAN! Go ahead and say yes to lovers cordial goji fudge and who knows, maybe it will put some pep in your step. Oh, don’t forget to share with your sweetie!


1/4 cup sun dried whole organic raw goji berries

1/4 cup water

1 TBSP whole organic chia seeds

1 cup raw unrefined organic coconut oil

1/4 cup raw organic unrefined agave syrup or raw honey(if you eat it)

1/2 cup raw organic cacao nibs

mini muffin tin to hold mini paper cups

12 mini paper baking cups (1.25″)

In a small bowl, soak the dried goji berries in the 1/4 cup of water for 30 minutes. Now grind your chia seeds to a fine powder (I use an old coffee grinder). In your food processor, pulse the goji berries with the soaking water about 10 times, do not puree just rough chop. Add the chia powder to it and stir well, set aside, this is your goji jam. Gather a large 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup, a small pot that it fits inside, and a calibrated thermometer. Place the Pyrex inside the pot (this is your double boiler, see picture below) and fill the pot half way up the side of the Pyrex (be sure not to get any water in the Pyrex). On low heat, heat the water to 100 degrees, use your thermometer to be sure. In the Pyrex put your coconut oil and heat until completely melted. Grind the cacao nibs to a fine powder. While using a whisk, slowly whisk the agave syrup into the melted coconut oil. Now slowly add the cacao powder while constantly whisking until smooth. Line your muffin tin with the paper cups. Whisk the cacao mix and pour 1 tsp. of this mix into the bottom of the paper cups. Replace the Pyrex back into your double boiler and keep heated. Place the whole tin level in the freezer for 20 minutes to set up. Remove the tin from the freezer and place on a level surface.  Spoon in 1 tsp. of the goji jam in the center of the cup, slightly flatten out. Whisk the cacao mixture well and pour 1 TBSP of the cacao mix on top to be sure to cover and fill the cup. NOTE: because there are no added emulsifiers, the cacao mix will separate a little. Use the edge of a paper towel and gently soak up any oil that collects on the sides of the filled cup. When they are completely set, they will have small coconut oil stripes, no worries, this is part of them being rustic… Place the whole tin back in the freezer and freeze for 30 minutes. Remove the filled cups and place in a sealed freezer container, freeze overnight. When you want to enjoy these, take straight from the freezer, allow to set for 10 minutes and eat.

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