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Lucky Shamrock Salad (raw-vegan)

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BOY do I feel LUCKY!! YES– that four-leafed shamrock is REAL! Since Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up, I bought some organic shamrocks to celebrate and make some festive dishes. Little did I know that when I was snipping shamrocks off my plant that I would find a four-leafed one (also see picture below). Legend has it that the four-leaf shamrock is good luck for the finder (YAY!), especially if found by accident (YAY, I DID!) The leaves each represent something: the first leaf is for FAITH, the second leaf for HOPE, the third leaf is for LOVE, and the fourth leaf is for LUCK!! It is estimated that there is only 1 four-leaf shamrock to 100,000 three-leaf ones….. sounds like I AM lucky! So now that I gave you the crash course on what four-leaf shamrocks represent, I will move over to their three-leaf cousins. Shamrocks are of the clover family. They are full of nutrients and vitamins and make a great addition to salads. They have the flavor of baby spinach crossed with a slight wheat grass flavor, “green” but very tasty; it is actually kind of refreshing. The leaves of a shamrock are delicate so go easy on the dressings if you want to make a good presentation. When I use these, I do not toss them in dressing. I use them as a bed to place dressed ingredients on or to garnish my salads with them. This recipe for LUCKY SHAMROCK SALAD does just that. The marinated cucumbers and fennel are nestled in clover sprouts placed on a bed of shamrock leaves and garnished with a full shamrock standing with its stem. I think this gives this salad an interesting look and dimension. I like to find different ways to display my food and I think this one is a hit for sure. So this St. Paddy’s Day Sunday brunch, serve up a LUCKY SHAMROCK SALAD. Maybe you to will get lucky and find your own four-leaf shamrock. HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY my friend…

A CHEF’S TIP: most herbs and leafy items will wilt shortly after they are picked. For best results buy live versions that are potted or hydroponic. Like clover sprouts, shamrocks are delicate, so do not snip or wash until just before you are ready to serve them.


2 cups unpeeled organic cucumber, medium diced

1 cup organic fennel bulb, medium dice

1 large organic Meyer lemon

1 cup organic clover sprouts

1 cup organic shamrock leaves

4 whole organic shamrocks with stems attached for garnish, wash and gently shake dry

In a medium mixing bowl, mix the diced cucumber and fennel bulb together well. Zest and juice the Meyer lemon into this bowl and mix well, this is your veggie mix. Allow the veggie mix to marinate for 45 minutes at room temperature, stir every 15 minutes. Now it is time to plate…use the above picture as a reference. Wash well and spin dry the shamrock leaves. Evenly distribute them flat into circle beds (about 3″ in diameter) in the middle of your 4 serving plates. Wash well and spin dry the clover sprouts. Place 1/4 of the sprout on each plate and make into a nest, about 1 inch from the shamrock’s edge. Distribute 1/4 of the veggie mix into each of the nests, pile higher than the nests top. Stand 1 whole shamrock in the center into the veggie mix on each. Serve and ENJOY!

four leaf shamrock

my lucky shamrock :)

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