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Mandarin Mint Sorbet (raw-vegan)

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Sorbet is a great way to get some fruit and herbs in without added sugar or dairy. I normally like cut up fresh fruit for dessert BUT once in awhile a TRUE DESSERT is just what the taste-buds ordered, like my MANDARIN MINT SORBET. The best thing is that this sticks to my program and I don’t feel guilty treating myself to this healthy dessert. Please note that this is in between a sweet and savory flavor, just how I like it!! ENJOY dessert AGAIN!!

Serves 4

2 cups of fresh organic mandarin lobes, just peel the whole fruit and reserve the zest for another recipe

1 small fresh organic lemon

1 TBSP fresh organic mint leaves (from your window herb garden)

2 whole organic mandarins, remove peel (reserve for another recipe) and make sliced rounds-about 4 slices each or to accommodate the amount of servings you are doing- to set scoops of sorbet on

extra organic mint leaves and stems for garnish

Use a vegetable peeler and remove the zest from the lemon. Now juice the lemon and reserve, use the remaining pith for another recipe. In your blender, puree the mandarin lobes and lemon zest until smooth. Now add the mint leaves and blend on high for 2 minutes. Place this mixture in your ice cream maker [I have an old fashioned one that goes directly in the freezer and uses NO SALT] complete cycle. Place 2 mandarin slices flat on each serving plate or bowl, use a small ice cream scoop to top each fruit slice with 1 small scoop of sorbet. Garnish with extra mint leaves and stems as shown above. Serve immediately.

NOTE: for the healthiest results DO NOT ADD SALT to this recipe

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