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Orange Chili Vinegar (raw-vegan)

orange chili vinegar 2


2 liter recycled glass wine jug

8 large fresh organic garlic cloves, peel and split lengthwise

3 large organic hot banana peppers (from your window herb garden)

1 Tbsp. fresh ground dried organic orange peel

7 cups raw cider vinegar vinegar

2 one (1) liter recycled glass decorative or wine bottles

Hold each pepper by the stem laying flat on a wooden cutting board. Using a small paring knife, insert knife below the stem into the cavity, be sure not to go through other side. Drag the knife slowly down the length of the pepper to the tip and out  the end. Now evenly slice the rest of the pepper about 6 to 7 more times, the same way, to make ” octopus” arms as shown here….    

Repeat with the other 2 chilis. Insert the chili stem side first into your jar, add the orange peel, garlic cloves and then pour in the vinegar to about 1 inch from the top of the neck. Place cap on tightly and label the bottle (I use a small piece of paper and tape to the bottle) with today’s date and type of vinegar you made. Store in a dry cool dark place out of sunlight for 4 weeks, shaking it up every so often. When the vinegar is done, it is now time to bottle it. Sterilize your decorative or wine bottles you will be using. Strain vinegar in a tight mesh strainer, pour vinegar into your bottles and label with today’s date and type of vinegar it is. Save the PICKLED CHILIS AND GARLIC (they are good chopped up into dips and on sandwiches). Place them in a small jar , top with strained vinegar and tightly sealed in refrigerator until ready to use.  Refrigerate the vinegar capped or corked for up to 6 months. Use your vinegar in place of the vinegar called for in recipes (like inSopa de Frijol Negro) or create your own vinaigrette with them. NOTE: This makes a great gift too.

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