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Orange Peel Grinder

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Making your own spice grinders is very easy and you can be guaranteed of the quality of spices that you are making. Here is a step-by-step recipe to make your own organic dried orange peel (do this every time you eat an orange and you will never run out)

1 sterilized glass bottle/acrylic grinder top with lid combination (I use recycled sea salt grinders– see RECYCLED JARS)

2 large organic ripe oranges, wash well and de-stem

1 medium bamboo drying basket (may do in dehydrator or oven if you wish)

1 clean recycled quart jar with fitting lid

orange peel 1

Cut both ends off of orange and stand on cut end reserve ends

orange peel2.

Insert table spoon from top and gently push toward the middle between the fruit and the rind, flip over and repeat

orange peel 3

 Gently remove fruit from rind, eat now or save for later, use your spoon to gently remove any fruit that stuck to rinds inside and ends

orange peel 4

 Cut rind height wise into even strips (about 1/4 inch) and ends into similar sized strips

orange peel 5

  Dice strips into 1/4 inch squares, try to cut all evenly sized so they dry evenly

orange peel 6

  Place on a bamboo drying basket in a single layer and separate so air can get around them, allow to dry completely(until breaks easily), shaking occasionally. Fill grinder with dried orange peel and cover with lid when not in use. Put any extra in a glass jar tightly sealed in a cool dark place until needed.

If you are using a dehydrator(low) or oven(100 degrees tops), be sure to dry thoroughly.

Use this orange peel in any recipe that calls for orange peel, just grind when needed. I also fresh grind on top of chicken, fish, vegetables, in vinaigrette like ORANGE CHAMPAGNE VINAIGRETTE, marinades, spice rubs, brine or SPICED ARTICHOKES.

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