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Peppermint Bark Stir Sticks

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You asked for it, you’ve got it—-for all my friends with SWEET TOOTH’S, here is my recipe for PEPPERMINT BARK STIR STICKS… YES, stick them in your hot chocolate and give it a few to completely melt. Here is to your HOLIDAY!


2 old fashioned natural candy canes, fine pulse in your food processor

9 TBSP raw unsweetened natural cocoa powder

3 TBSP virgin raw organic coconut oil

4 TBSP raw honey

1 tsp extra cocoa powder to dust lollipop candy mold

1 10 piece lollipop candy mold

10 lollipop sticks

Dust your candy mold with the extra cocoa powder, place 1/2 of your candy cane powder evenly in the bottom of the molds. In your food processor, blend the cocoa powder, oil and honey until it makes a gel. Lay your lollipop sticks in the stick slots on the candy mold. Spoon in evenly the chocolate gel, dust with the remaining candy cane powder on the chocolate. Place the whole mold into the freezer for about 20 minutes to set up. Gently remove the lollipops from the mold (they will be the consistency between caramel and fudge) then wrap each individually with plastic wrap. For best results use within 3 days and keep out of sunlight and away from heat.  ENJOY!


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