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Perfect Tuna Sandwich

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Nothing says comfort food like an old fashioned tuna sandwich. I remember grandma making them with her homemade chicken noodle soup and mom would always pair with hot tomato soup. I have had many a tuna sandwich, everything from just plain on white bread all the way up to a tuna melt. My favorite is to do open faced with pickled vegetables, fresh tomato and some sort of green leafy on it. As the weather gets colder, the fire gets hotter and I start to crave comfort food. Here is my favorite HEALTHY way to make a tuna sandwich. It is still comforting but healthy for me, even though it looks like I am going to get plenty of exercise shoveling snow in the next 6 months… ENJOY!


4 slices organic sprouted multi-grain bread

2 cans of water packed dolphin safe tuna, drained well

2 TBSP organic mayonnaise

From your PICKLED CHILIS AND GARLIC RECIPE 4 pickled garlic cloves(fine diced) and  1 pickled chili pepper(fine diced)

4 thin slices of organic sweet onion

2 organic heirloom tomatoes, sliced into 4 slices each

1 cup organic pea pod sprouts, washed and spin dry

a couple pinches of fresh ground sea salt

In a large bowl mix the tuna, mayo, chopped garlic and chiles until well mixed. Toast your bread to desired darkness (I like medium toasted), and lay 2 pieces side by side on each serving plate. Divide the tuna fish mixture amongst the 4 pieces of toasted bread. Evenly distribute the onion on top of tuna mixture on all pieces. Evenly distribute the sprouts on each and top with two slices of tomato  diagonally towards opposite corners and secure with a toothpick, lightly dust with salt. Cut each open face piece into 2 diagonal shaped pieces (just like mom used to do) serve 4 pieces to each person.

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