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Pesto Sweet Potato Vermicelli (raw-vegan)

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On my quest to turn traditional dishes into new and improved RAW and VEGAN dishes, I have been stumped on pasta. It seems that everyone has a version of  raw “zucchini” pasta…. OK. Zucchini is great but what about the other veggies that can be turned into raw pasta?? This is when I decided to experiment with other veggies. I came up with my recipe PESTO SWEET POTATO VERMICELLI. Some might be turned off by the thought of raw sweet potato, it is actually really good. In my “test” kitchen I have found that size does matter; I’m talking about the cut. I broke out the trusty salad master food processor and tested each cut. I discovered that when you fine shred raw sweet potato into vermicelli it tastes great. The texture is soft and light, the flavor is sweet and it is not starchy like you think it would be. Now that I got the cut down, I topped it with a simple raw pesto. In fact, to make up this dish it took me 10 minutes total; this included gathering the ingredients. Not many healthy dishes are prepared from scratch so quick! So if you are looking for a quick, healthy and TASTY dish, give this recipe a try! I know that you and your family will love this NEW TRADITIONAL dish as much as I do.


2 large organic sweet potatoes, pick ones that are firm and no blemishes, DO NOT PEEL, wash and snip the wrinkled ends off

1 cup fresh organic basil leaves, fine chopped

8 large fresh organic garlic cloves

2 medium organic lemons

4 TBSP unrefined raw organic olive oil

8 whole organic raw cashews

Use a vegetable spiralizer or salad master style vegetable processor and fine shred the sweet potatoes into vermicelli size shreds. Evenly distribute into 4 serving bowls. In a food processor fine chop the garlic. Now add the chopped basil and pulse together. Zest the lemons into this and then juice the lemons into the food processor. Drizzle the olive oil into this mix and give it a few pulses, this is your pesto. Evenly place 1/4 of the pesto mix on each bed of vermicelli. Micro-plane (zester) 2 cashews on each (it resembles snow). Serve and ENJOY!!

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