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Pinecone Star

pinecone star final 2


Winter time is here and pinecones are not only in abundance but seem to be a favorite for decorations during the Christmas season. Since I have several pine trees on my property that produce pinecones, it is only natural for me to use them to decorate my cabin. The pinecone stars that I make are pretty simple and add a rustic feel to my projects.

To make pinecone stars you will need a small saw like a drywall saw or a hack saw, a piece of 2 x 4,  thick gloves and pinecones that have opened already. I pick the pinecones that the squirrels have already removed the bottom rows.

How to cut:

While wearing your gloves, hold the pinecone by the top and place on your 2 x 4 on a flat surface. starting from the bottom count up the cone about 5 rows of leaves. this is where you will start to cut. The leaves are pretty soft and cut easily, just go slow until you have gone all the way through. You will be left with a piece that is flat on one side and the “STAR” on the other. Reserve the “rose bud” looking top piece for other projects.

When decorating a wreath or antique sled as I did (see above picture), I use either thread or landscaping tape and tie the star to my items. You can fish the thread or tape in between the leaves to hide it. As you can see, it adds a nice rustic finish to the pine spray that I made.

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