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Pink Oyster Mushroom Rolls (raw-vegan-paleo)

pink oyster rolls raw vegan paleo by jarOhoney.com


As noted in my previous posts about SUSHI, I believe that sushi can be an opportunity for everyone to get creative. Yes- most people believe that sushi consists of raw fish and rice…nope- I beg to differ! Sushi should be looked at as “cut up ingredients all wrapped up in nori (seaweed sheets)”! I also think that is an opportunity to get your veggies in. Today I went to the farmers market and was faced with the sea of organic fruits and veggies. The one thing that stood out, besides the tip-of-my-thumb sized organic blueberries that I bought, was a vendor that had pink organic oyster mushrooms. AMAZING–I have never seen PINK oyster mushrooms! Apparently they taste the same as white oyster mushrooms but are a vibrant pink hue… very curious and beautiful! (see pic below)

pink oyster mushrooms raw

So (can you blame me?) I had to buy a pack of them and make a creation that would highlight them. Although oyster mushrooms are delicate in flavor, they still stand out in dishes if prepared correctly; they have a very distinct but soft flavor I think. Instead of searing them or marinating them like most do, I decided to make a raw dish– hence the PINK OYSTER MUSHROOM ROLL was born. These small bites have just enough added ingredients like the cucumber, green onion, fresh jalapeño, ginger root, parslane (yes-the edible weed),red bell pepper and raw unseasoned nori sheets; but the mushrooms did not get lost in the mix. All those ingredients, coupled with the pink oyster mushrooms, this is a delightful yet unique flavor. I myself had this for lunch today but I picture this being served at your party, brunch or impressing guests at your tapas/cocktail party!

A CHEF’S TIP: only buy your mushrooms from an organic and reputable source, like at a farmers market.

SERVES 6 small appetizers or tapas, multiply accordingly

1 tablespoon fine minced organic ginger root

1/2 teaspoon fine minced organic fresh jalepeno

1 large ripe organic avocado

1 medium ripe organic lemon, zest and juice

1 large fresh organic green onion, remove the roots and strip lengthwise into small thin strips then cut in half lengthwise

1/2 cup fresh organic fresh parslane leaves, wash and spin dry

1 cup small organic pink oyster mushrooms, cut in half lengthwise

1 medium organic red bell pepper, de-seed and cut into fine strips lengthwise

1 small organic cucumber, do not peel, cut into matchsticks

4 unseasoned raw organic nori sheets

sushi rolling mat

Cut your avocado in half and pit. Scoop out the meat in a small mixing bowl. Add the minced ginger, jalapeño, lemon juice and lemon zest. Mash this well until smooth with a fork, reserve, this is your avocado mix. Lay 1 nori sheet on your sushi rolling mat shiny side down and the stripes going vertical on both the nori and the mat. Evenly spread 1/4 of the avocado mix on the lower 2/3 of the nori sheet end to end. Now lay a single high but 2 across row of 1/4 of the green onion strips in the middle of the avocado layer. Below that add a single layer of 1/4 of the parslane leaves. Above the onion layer, add a single layer of 1/4 of the mushroom pieces. Add a single high but 3 across layer of 1/4 of the pepper strips below the parslane layer. Now add a single high but 2 across layer of 1/4 of the cucumber matchsticks below that. Starting from the bottom, slowly start rolling the nori over the filling. Slowly and gently for the roll evenly side to side to make a tube, NOTE: these will be thin rolls. Wet the seam with clean water on your finger and seal. Place onto a dry clean flat surface with the seam down. Repeat with the remaining ingredients. While using a clean and very sharp knife, trim the ends of the roll (yes as the chef you get to eat this part). Now cut the roll into 6 even pieces, wipe your knife with a damp clean paper towel in between each cut for best results. Arrange on your serving plate and enjoy! ps-no dipping sauce needed….

pink oyster mushroom rolls by jarOhoney.com

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