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Poached Eggs

poached egg


In my opinion, poached eggs are the healthiest way to eat an egg. They are cooked without any added fat and if done right, do not need any additional seasonings or toppings like butter. Poaching eggs can be really simple to make and can easily be done for the masses. When making multiple eggs be sure have ALL the eggs prepped at the same time because they cook very quickly and you do not want to over cook them. I recommend after a little practice only doing 6 at a time.


Organic eggs (how many you are cooking)

Large pot

white distilled vinegar


teacups or ladle

slotted spoon

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. The water should be at least five or six inches deep (the deeper the better). Prepare your eggs by cracking them each into their own small teacup or ladle (depending on how many you are doing). When the water boils, add about a tbsp. vinegar for every pint or so of water. Taste to make sure the level is right. The vinegar should be barely noticeable. Lower the water to a slow simmer. Give the water a quick hard stir then lower the teacup or ladle into the water and pour the egg out as gently as possible one by one .The egg white will coagulate in the water and turn white. Most eggs will take between two and three minutes for the white to cook but leave the yolk still runny. Gently remove each egg at this point with a slotted spoon or strainer. Repeat with remaining eggs or you can poach several eggs at once in the same pot.

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