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“Poached Pear” Smoothie (raw-vegan)

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Fruit is my favorite thing to have as dessert. Sometimes it is raw and sometimes it is baked or poached. Most of the time it raw but there is still nothing like a poached pear! Since January 1st, I have been on a strict RAW VEGAN diet to kick start my year; BUT I woke up craving a POACHED PEAR–go figure. Instead of going all day craving and dreaming of the succulent ripe pear poached in spices and wine, I decided to make a smoothie that tastes like I poached pear. The result was AMAZING! Not only did it curb my craving, I felt energized (and a bit naughty) all morning. The good news is that the “naughty” part was in my mind because this smoothie is 100% organic, RAW and VEGAN; so I am 100% guilt-FREE and I will do it again and again :)


5 whole green cardamon pods, grind fine (I use an old coffee grinder)

1/4 tsp fresh micro-planed whole cinnamon stick

1/4 tsp fresh micro-planed whole nutmeg

1 large ripe organic pear (pick your favorite, needs to equal about 1 cup of fruit though), remove stem and core, cut into 8 pieces

1/2 tsp raw organic apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup water

1/3 cup whole organic cranberries

In your blender, put in the ground spices, pear pieces, vinegar and water, blend until smooth. Add the cranberries and blend until smooth. Serve immediately and ENJOY! NOTE: Most of my smoothies are RUSTIC and THICK; so if you prefer it to be thinner– just add more water [after you have blended the ingredients listed smooth] until the desired consistency is achieved.

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