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Pumpkin Hash and Eggs

pumpkin hash


With the holiday season coming up, our lives are getting busier and busier. Not only do we have our normal family and work obligations but we get together with family local and a far. This recipe is great for those weekend guests, morning after the holiday dinner or for something quick and healthy to whip up before preparing for the holiday festivities. You will notice that this recipe only feeds 1 to 2 people, I wrote it this way for versatility. Just multiply the recipe to feed the masses.

SERVES 1 hearty meal for 1 or 2 sides if accompanied by fresh organic fruit

2 cups roasted organic pumpkin, small diced

4 large fresh organic garlic cloves, medium chopped

1/2 small organic yellow onion, small diced (about 1/2 cup)

2 TBSP. organic olive oil or coconut oil

1/4 tsp fresh ground sea salt

5 fresh organic basil leaves, fine chopped (from you window herb garden)

2 Organic free range eggs for poached eggs (follow link or see below)

Prepare your eggs to be poached and start your pot of water (see above link or below for instructions). In a large frying pan, on high heat your oil to hot but not smoking. Add roasted pumpkin dices, garlic, onion and salt, mix well. While stirring and flipping often, fry the ingredients to a medium dark golden brown. Remove from heat, add in your basil and stir well, do not cover (it will make it mushy). Now Poach your eggs.


NOTE: if you are doing a large amount for the masses, keep the hash on simmer, uncovered but be sure to stir often to prevent burning. You can also do this in the oven for the REALLY BIG MASS (12 people or more); just mix all the pumpkin hash ingredients(minus the basil) with the oil in a large bowl, evenly spread mixture on a large metal baking sheet in a single layer. Roast in the oven on 400 degrees, stirring and flipping often until evenly golden brown. When done, remove from the oven, mix with the chopped basil and allow to set uncovered for 10 minutes. Be sure to start your poached egg water at the same timing as for smaller amounts and poach eggs at the time that you remove the finished pumpkin hash from the oven.

Large pot

white distilled vinegar


teacups or ladle

slotted spoon

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. The water should be at least five or six inches deep (the deeper the better). Prepare your eggs by cracking them each into their own small teacup or ladle (depending on how many you are doing). When the water boils, add about a tbsp. vinegar for every pint or so of water. Taste to make sure the level is right. The vinegar should be barely noticeable. Lower the water to a slow simmer. Give the water a quick hard stir then lower the teacup or ladle into the water and pour the egg out as gently as possible one by one .The egg white will coagulate in the water and turn white. Most eggs will take between two and three minutes for the white to cook but leave the yolk still runny. Gently remove each egg at this point with a slotted spoon or strainer. Repeat with remaining eggs or you can poach several eggs at once in the same pot.

In your serving dish(es) divide the pumpkin hash evenly and top with poached egg(s). ENJOY!

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