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Rainbow Heirloom Tomato Stacks (raw-vegan)

rainbow heirloom tomato stacks


As Summer comes to an end, most of us still have the last of the garden veggies ready to eat. Heirloom tomatoes are on that list. I love the colors and different shapes that they produce; not to mention the amazing flavor too. Don’t get me wrong, autumn is one of my favorite times of the year but I will miss the abundance of fresh veggies and fruit that is available in the summer. Well what better way to ring in the final crop and cooler days than create a dish that celebrates heirloom tomatoes than RAINBOW HEIRLOOM TOMATO STACKS? I can’t think of a better one. The fresh and hearty flavor of the tomatoes are highlighted by the fresh basil and Meyer lemon from the garden. This is a simple yet robust dish, just look at those colors too. This dish will be the center of any meal and everyone will rave about them. So CHEERS to you heirloom tomatoes and don’t worry, we will be waiting for you to come back next year!!

A CHEF’S TIP: Always choose ripe organic heirloom tomatoes, basil and Meyer lemons. Be sure that all have no blemishes or soft spots. This dish is too beautiful and tasty to use anything less. Also take your time and make even cuts so that the stacks stand upright as possible.


8 large ripe organic multi-colored heirloom tomatoes. I choose two of each–a deep purple, bright red, orange and green with white stripes.

8 large fresh organic basil leaves

1 large ripe organic Meyer lemon

1 cup organic pea pod sprouts, or favorite sprouts


cold pressed unrefined organic olive oil

fresh cracked pink salt

Lay the tomatoes on their sides and slice into 6 to 8 even slices and set aside. Reserve the ends for another recipe. Wash and spin dry the basil leaves, stack together going the same way, trim the stems off, roll tightly and make medium slices width wise to create ribbons, set aside. Zest the lemon and reserve. Juice the lemon and reserve. Wash well and spin dry the sprouts, set aside. On your serving platter, arrange the sprouts to make a bed. Stack the tomato slices on top of each other to create a rainbow in their colors (like shown in the picture) into 4 even stacks on the sprout bed. Evenly drizzle the lemon juice on top of the stacks. Evenly distribute the basil ribbons on the top. Now sprinkle evenly with the lemon zest. Serve and ENJOY! NOTE: if you choose to use olive oil and salt, lightly drizzle with the oil on top and sprinkle with a pinch of salt on each.

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